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What Website Analytics Are & How To Make Them Work For You // Apr 23 // JLB

A look at website analytics and how you can make them work for you. Analytics are a major buzzword in marketing. If you’re still in the dark regarding analytics and what they are, they’re the identification and assessment of relevant patterns in your data. Analytics are used in areas such as sales optimization, logistics, marketing, and so […]

Website Security Practices You Should Utilize // Apr 10 // JLB

A look at common website security practices you should utilize for your site. Although the internet can be a great place for business, it can also make your business a target for hacks and security breaches. Since many businesses don’t up their security until it’s too late, it’s important to get your website in order […]

How A Website Can Supercharge Your Business // Apr 01 // JLB

A look at how a website can supercharge your business. Although the online marketplace has been booming for years, there’s still a few businesses that remain on the fence. If these businesses only knew of how important the digital marketplace can be in correlation with their success, they would’ve dove head first into this market years […]

5 Ways Your Webpage Let’s You Down // Jan 20 // Jordan Stella

  Websites are an integral part of digital marketing in Nashville, Franklin and surrounding areas. As such an important tool for local businesses, it is critical that people understand the challenges that websites face, and how they can let you down. Here are five key areas where websites fail to perform. 1. Not Mobile Compatible — […]

Why Optimization Matters in Web Design // Jan 13 // Jordan Stella

  Website optimization is another way of saying search engine optimized. What both of these terms mean is the quality of a website’s design to fit into its role on the web. Web Design and Optimization Web optimization is limited by the quality of a website’s design. A poor design means poor optimization. Both can […]

Image Optimization – Are Your Site’s Images Helping? // Jan 11 // Jordan Stella

Images play a huge role in Franklin and Nashville web design. To drive that point home consider that over 72 million people use Pinterest and there are over 50 billion pictures pinned to Pinterest boards. Pictures are a vital part of digital marketing, social marketing, and web design. Be that as it may, simply uploading […]

10 Small Business Website Errors That Drive Customers Away // Dec 20 // JLB

Visitors seldom leave a small business website with a neutral impression. For most prospects, your small business is an unknown quantity, so their first impression of your company will either make them more comfortable doing business with you or less comfortable. For this reason, you want their first experience with your website to inspire them to contact […]

4 Tips for More Effective Forms // Oct 15 // Jordan Stella

One of the most important parts of any offer is the form that your prospects will fill in to provide their information for you. By assuring that your forms are built to be effective, you can increase your conversion rate and get your sales team more qualified prospects. A few essentials to keep in mind: […]

Why You Need Responsive Web Design // Oct 01 // Jordan Stella

If you are just building your presence on the web, or if it’s been awhile since you have updated your site, responsive design may be new to you. Responsive design is design that looks good no matter what size screen it’s on. This is important for your pages for a few big reasons: 1. More […]

Why Having a Great Digital Marketing Partner Matters // Jul 14 // JLB

Dealing with the day to day minutiae of business does not leave you much time to focus on your look. You may skim over the websites of your competitors and wonder how they were able to achieve such a professional front – you know for a fact they are no bigger than you are! The […]