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Why Is Responsive Web Design So Important?

Responsive Web Design created for online mobile users. Responsive web design gives the user the speed they need and desire.

Many aspects of web design are going to be determined by your particular taste. After all, this website is meant to represent your Tennessee business. It needs to have your personal taste and approval in order to efficiently represent your brand.
However, there are certain aspects of web design that can be considered to be best practices. In fact, many of these practices should be implemented in every new web design project.
Responsiveness is one such aspect. This consideration needs to be taken into account for every new website if you want it to be able to compete against other top websites of the moment.
Trends are going to evolve. Some things that were popular a few years ago simply don’t work as well as they should anymore. Responsive web design, however, will be an essential part of successful web design from this point forward.
Here are the reasons responsive web design is so important:

  • It Adapts to the Variety of Screen Sizes
  • Mobile Usage Continues Gaining Popularity
  • Mobile Ecommerce Is on the Rise
  • It Creates a Better User Experience
  • Responsive Web Design Contributes to Positive SEO Results

It Adapts to the Variety of Screen Sizes

There are a lot of different screen sizes out there right now. Laptops and desktop computers have variances of their own — and that’s not even counting the various smartphones and tablets.
Responsive web design refers to a website’s ability to adjust itself to properly show the content no matter what screen size is being used to view it.
And as these various devices continue to gain prominence, this is going to be an essential tool for your website to best hold your visitors’ attention. A website that doesn’t fit the screen makes it much more difficult for the visitor to find and access the information they need.

Mobile Usage Continues Gaining Popularity

It’s no secret that people love their smartphones. In fact, there are currently about 6.95 billion smartphone users in the world. And while this might seem like a lot, this trend is actually projected to rise to about 7.41 billion over the next few years.
You need to be sure your website is easily-viewed on these devices. There is already a giant movement to viewing internet content on mobile devices and as we can see, this trend will continue to grow.
Responsive web design puts you in the perfect position to be seamlessly accessed no matter what device a visitor is using.

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Mobile Ecommerce Is on the Rise

Consumers are also becoming increasingly willing to do their ecommerce shopping online. In fact, a recent study found that 80% of smartphone users do their internet shopping from a mobile device.
And while this is a great reason to make sure your web design is set up to support this habit, it goes even further than this. Consumers also use their mobile devices to research purchases on the internet while they are in the physical store.
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This means that it is very likely a person will consult your website before purchasing your product in any scenario. And if your website isn’t responsive to their screen size, you risk losing that sale.

It Creates a Better User Experience

All of these other benefits are based around addressing this one central idea — you want every visitor to your website to have a great experience. It might seem difficult to cast such a wide net, but some simple considerations can put you in the best position to do so.
Responsive web design is one of the most important aspects of ensuring your visitors have a great experience. The simple fact is that internet users will go elsewhere if they have difficulty navigating a website.
Text that requires scrolling, improperly-sized images, hidden taskbars — these and other factors will drastically reduce a visitor’s enjoyment of your website if they are not addressed with responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design Contributes to Positive SEO Results

Search engines seek to provide the most beneficial search results to their users. This is why the algorithms that go into these results pages have become so intricate over the years. There are a lot of factors that go into providing the most useful results to their users.
This often has a lot to do with the provided content within a given page, but it also has to do with the web design.
An unresponsive website that doesn’t display well provides less value to an internet user than a website that takes this into account. Search results will reward responsive websites because they know it provides a better experience for their users.
Responsive web design is an essential element of a successful website. Are you looking for expert web design in Tennessee?

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