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Benefits of Clear Content Marketing & Copywriting // Jul 08 // JLB

Why Content and Website Copy Needs to be Clear & Professional A good marketing agency will explain your website gives a lasting impression of your business. It’s become customary for a potential customer to learn more about a company online before placing an order or visiting a physical location. Perhaps they find your website through […]

How to Use Pictures in Your Blog Post // Dec 23 // JLB

Adding optimized pictures to your blog is a lot more of a hassle than just typing a few words. If you’re not a professional photographer, you have to find images online and either pay or be satisfied with the limited selection of free stock photos. Even worse, sometimes you write about a subject (such as this […]

Powerful Copywriting in Web Designs // Nov 10 // JLB

At JLB, we offer a variety of services including email content development.  Words are powerful, and your email blast is an important component of your business.  We found this article by Kevan Lee on Buffer Social very interesting as it analyzes powerful copywriting. The Big List of 189 Words That Convert: Write Copy that gets […]

Six Tips for Stronger Web Content // May 04 // JLB

How many company websites have you visited recently where the copy (not the headline) impacted you in any way? Do you remember any words, phrases or lasting feelings? Off the top of my head, I can’t cite one example. Given how much time I spend on a computer “surfing the net,” this is sort of […]