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Business web design, marketing & true central support.

Nashville’s JLB is one of the best web design firms in the market and the only web, marketing & technology service company all with central business services and an UNLIMITED support model.

JLB is focused on a long partnership with your business and that your online presence has the results that matter.  16 years of experience in the Nashville market with a proven and thoughtful process to take your business to the next level online.  We can make a difference!

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Web Design Process Overview

Phase I: Discovery & Consultation

In our South Nashville office or at your location, we will spend some time reviewing details with you, your operations and objectives, as well as other relevant input. Best use and practices, likes/dislikes, needs and wants will be discussed, reviewed and outlined in an effort to establish key web design and website function ideas to shape the forthcoming web design and marketing solutions.

As needed we will be meeting and consulting on throughout the website project, brainstorming, problem solving, and collaborating.

Phase II: Lead By Design

JLB creative direction is to help you establish a web design that drives the multi-level development of a dynamic, professional, and interactive solution.  We want your web design to be modern, competitively different, and easy-to-navigate with mobile responsive development.  Your web design should advance the business identity and branding, while staging the engineering that enhances Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Logo Design

You may want to refresh your logo and brand or create something new and compelling.  JLB’s team will work with you to develop your identity, brand and Logo.  A new brand design should be fresh, with committed colors and strong identity while promoting the business, sales and products. Other components to be developed later could include: Business Cards, Letterhead, Signs and other materials.   JLB will provide professionally designed concepts to be reviewed and edited until the perfect concept is selected.

Web Design

Good website design leverages open source flexibilities with full consideration for mobile users and has multi-browser support. JLB’s team will consult with you and explore many creative ideas while crystalizing your business’ vision online.  From these discussions, professional web design concepts are created. Those web designs will be reviewed with you and approved for overall website design and construction to follow.

Phase III: Engineer & Develop

This phase accounts for developing website databases, pages, integrating API interfaces, integrating and customizing proposed modules and interactions, and creating the themed style and design per the approved design(s) and prepared with SEO, scalability and website ongoing management in mind.

Web Design construction will be tested in cross-browser compatibility software to ensure proper delivery across PC/Mac platforms and multiple browsers and will take into account the various screen sizes (PCs, Tablets, Smartphones) to provide optimal experience for a user regardless of the device they use.

Phase IV: Support & Enable

New web design technology is complex and ever changing with updates, patches, security elements, new mobile devices and constantly evolving browser technology.  Nashville’s JLB not only centralizes all the support but our customers enjoy UNLIMITED webmaster support.  Never worry.

Whether you need great website support or ongoing in-bound traffic management strategies like SEO, Google Ads (JLB is a Google Premier Partner), Social Media or just need us to watch your online operation, JLB is uniquely qualified to be your business partner and enable your business online!

Web Design Experience

After 16 Years of supporting Nashville and national clients, our experiences have guided us to develop processes and tools that covet the Customer’s online needs.  We want our Customers to succeed, and we care about being excellent — our jobs depend on it.  Process done right:

Nashville web design company page showing website design process with website support and digital marketing services.

Web Design and Operation Confidence

Whether your business is in Nashville or elsewhere, you cannot afford to be poorly represented, down, hacked or de-listed from Google.  Business websites require proper infrastructure, maintenance, security and support to protect your brand.  Nashville’s JLB delivers that to our customers! 

Icon for 24/7 Web Support Services

Dedicated Team

Business Class Web Support

24/7 engineering support and oversight. Unlimited professional webmaster support.

Icon for Website Stability with Full Service Web Support and Maintenance


Business WEBSITE Stability

Private multi-peered with unlimited scalability, maintenance & technology upkeep.

Lock Icon for Website Protection services with firewalls, spam and DDOS filtering, security software and sitelock integration.



Firewalls, integrated spam & DDOS filtering, security software and SiteLock Integrated.

Monitor Icon for Full Service Website Maintenance and Web Support to keep a website up and online with updates, modules, and patches if necessary


Critical WEB Maintenance

Connectivity and maintenance of code, licensing, updates & modules, structural patches as necessary.

Report Icon for Website Reports and Analytics for Monthly Monitoring and Tracking Services

Reports & Analytics

Monitoring & Tracking

Monitoring software & oversight of platform, analytics management and regular reports.

Gear Icon for Website Protection and Web Support to maintain daily backups and uptime for both small and large websites

Disaster Protection

Uptime & Support

Daily server side backups, technology & infrastructure protection, and redundancies.

Pen Icon for Easy Website Services and Web Support with One Web Design Agency for All your online marketing needs

Ease of Business

One Vendor, One Team, One Bill

No more multiple vendors. All services under one team support invoice and all in one place.

Top Nashville Web Design Services

Custom Websites

Our professional website design team in Nashville TN has the expertise to build high-end websites that have a mobile responsive design, have a firm online brand and interactive web design strategy.  JLB has designed thousands of websites and manages over 400 today.  We have the experience.

Digital Marketing

We want your business to get the attention it deserves by drawing in the people looking for your services or products. Nashville’s JLB is a also Premier Google Partner which only 2% of the agencies worldwide ever reach that status.  That expertise is unique and an extra advantage we have for our clients.

A Website that is Easy and Enjoyable to use and navigate

Website Support

We provide ongoing infrastructure, website support and maintenance of your website. Web design, marketing, online technology all in one place with central support.  Business Class Managed Website Services!

JLB web support is UNLIMITED!

Video Websites

Website videos are an important element for communicating to your audience, captivating users and driving SEO.  FACT – a video on your homepage increases your chances of ranking on the first page of Google by 50%.  JLB is the best website video production partner you will find in the Nashville TN market.

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