Stop Worrying About Website Maintenance (MAINTENANCE, SECURITY AND BACKUPS)


JLB’s managed services and website support plus private, dedicated and managed infrastructure is superior and engineered for business websites.  Designed to provide business websites with much needed confidence and partnership.  We provide ongoing infrastructure oversight, website support and maintenance of your website to help enable its online presence while ensuring secure, manageable and quality service.

Web design, marketing, website technology services all in one place with central support – That’s JLB.  Business Class Managed Website Services!

True partnership

“Our website had been hacked and the website was down during one of the busiest times of the year for us. JLB quickly restored the site, found the hacker code and locked out the hacker. We thought we were down and out but thank goodness we had JLB’s services in place”

Business Class Managed Services

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Dedicated Team

Business Class Website Support

  • 24/7 engineering support and oversight
  • UNLIMITED professional web support team
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Business Service Stability

  • Supported on privately managed dedicated servers. JLB clients exclusively
  • Private multi-peered Tier 1 bandwidth with unlimited scalability
  • Ongoing server maintenance and technology upkeep
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Critical Software Maintenance

  • Software licenses connectivity and maintenance of licensing
  • Update website CMS, modules and structural patches as necessary
  • Website code management and integrity reviews as needed
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Website Security

Business Website Security

  • Dual firewalls, Integrated spam and DDOS filtering applications (Cisco ASA)
  • Website security software and patch management
  • SSL (Security Socket Layer) Encryption Certificate.  A Google MUST
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Backup Protection

Uptime and Operations Website Assurance

  • Daily full account and server-side web backups (server to software level)
  • Quick website restore in the event of a problem
  • Technology and infrastructure protection and redundancies
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Reports & Analytics

Ongoing Monitoring & Tracking

  • Monitoring software and oversight of Web platform
  • Ongoing website improvements as needed
  • Analytics management and website support

Let us do the work for you.

Website Security Nashville TN

JLB Website Cyber Security features are intense and robust for your business:

We take website security seriously and have learned through the years how to protect your investment!  JLB implements literally dozens of web security features, which help prevent hackers from destroying your website including:

  • limiting login attempts
  • hiding the login page from bots
  • hiding the website files and database so hackers can’t find them
  • installing cyber security software only available to us with features like:

1. Scans Continuously – Unlike other providers that scan your website merely once every day, SiteLock INFINITY scans your site continually all day.   Once your website scan completes, it scans again — as often as multiple times every hour ensuring maximum coverage and protection.   SiteLock is the only cloud-based security provider today that can deliver this level of scanning protection.

2. Finds Malware and Removes It Immediately – Due to high scanning frequency, malware is found and removed essentially the moment it hits, thereby mitigating its spread to other areas of your network.

3. Detects and Remediates Vulnerabilities – JLB scans your website — any and all malware is detected from the inside-out, as well as the outside-in.   Scans look for sophisticated vulnerabilities — like Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injections (SQLi). Be wary of other players on the market that only provide surface level scans.

4. Unlimited Website Security Expert Support – Never worry about any additional service fees.   Any and all malware cleans — even those requiring manual intervention — are included in the scanning package.   All sophisticated back-door vulnerability patches are included, too. JLB’s software is the best malware and vulnerability remediation insurance policy you can buy for your website.

JLB Website Backup and Archiving

Your website is backed up daily.  A full server side backup not just a file backup as things changes.  We need to be able to recover your website anywhere at anytime so we have made the software and hardware investments for our clients.  In the event your website does get hacked, or has errors or goes down for an unknown reason, we can immediately recover the situation and prevent further issues. 24/7 oversight and daily monitoring.


Additional Business Class Web Infrastructure details:

JLB has invested in robust technology that is all managed by in-house staff for our clients benefit.  No finger pointing, JLB will figure out any website issues you may have and fix it.  The servers are redundant, website backups are stored in separate physical locations, there are managed firewalls between your website and the Internet to prevent malicious IP and DDOS attacks, our bandwidth and equipment is fully scalable and our entire hardware and software model is 15 years of evolution designed for business website support and security.


Our Mission

Provide meaningful private and public website solutions to businesses through great cost-effective technology with superior& trusted website support while removing risk or excessive costs of a customer building its own website, infrastructure or website operations team.

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