About JLB

Web Design, Digital Marketing and Dedicated Support

JLB’s (Joy, Life, Business) brand is about accountability to our clients. All the marketing, technology, software and web design services are our responsibility to make sure it works, it’s protected, well supported and providing results. All in-house, all local.

Our brand is about how to give a business a big competitive edge online without a huge budget, all the confusion and poor support. JLB originated in Nashville, TN. fifteen years ago and has since expanded to Brentwood and Franklin, TN. Along with our physical growth, our brand and client value has evolved and grown into a solid, unique solution for local businesses. Not only in Tennessee, but around the United States as well.

As a Web Design company and Digital Marketing services agency for businesses, we focus on providing customers with world-class brand, award winning web design services (Forester Research has stated that web design is the #1 ROI for digital marketing), innovative website development, powerful digital marketing and business-class website support in one central place.

Ken Royer, JLB’s CEO. “In the beginning of our venture, my wife was dealing with medical challenges and I feared to find a way to be near her and ensure her health benefits were always secured.  So I left big corporate America and launched the now JLB.  Once I started engaging customers, we quickly noticed that businesses are left to figure out how to be online, competitive and how to support it all.  I believed if we could deliver all of this and do it affordable then we could be very valuable, especially if could support it all in-house.  Each time we brought on a new client, we found ways to improve and it was another step towards health security for my family.  That was an overwhelming since of comfort and stability and that became a passionate cause.  Years later it has become the JLB purpose to deliver a since of comfort and stability to every team member and every customer.  This is the basis of our culture and a true commitment.  Looking back is humbling and we are blessed to be here and thriving today.  If you do business with us, you will experience this passion.  We promise to take care of you.”

JLB was proudly voted the #1 best web design and development, made the Inc. 5000 list, is a Google Premier Partner, is Veteran owned and offers the best digital marketing services (SEO, Social and Google Ads) available in Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin TN.

Core Value for Business Websites

Our core value is that all key elements of a business’s website and online marketing operations can be fully or partially managed by JLB to include business class website maintenance and support that matters and gets results.

JLB has invested in software and tools that centralize all the reporting of a customer’s website rankings, social media traffic, SEO, analytics, local directories and content distribution to help with the efficiency and real time accuracy of market effectiveness of all Internet marketing strategies.

JLB has also leveraged its investments to establish a business class infrastructure for its clients where their online solutions sit behind private firewalls, on private dedicated servers, with website security locks, platform backups and service level expectations that cannot be established with cheap shared platforms unless you spend a lot of money.

All of this centralization is key and unique to JLB.  Results are unmatched, support is unmatched, your success online will be unmatched and your overall costs will be better with a solid return on investment.  Its not just our opinion, its also what our clients say.

Custom Graphic image showing business website design and support services chart Nashville TN, Brentwood TN and Franklin TN

What is unique about JLB's Websites & Online Marketing

There are a few key items that make JLB unique and bring added value to your business:

  1. All web, technology, marketing and support services are centralized for one call support for everything you may need.  Business simplicity.
  2. All staff, hardware, software and services are in-house (made and provided in the USA).
  3. JLB optimized and perfected the website software over years for security, maintenance, customization and customer scalability (WordPress, Magento, BigCommerce and more).
  4. JLB clients are maintained on private dedicated secured servers.  There are no public hosting problems.
  5. All marketing clients receive professional reports of all analytics, digital marketing, social media and other important elements.
  6. JLB created an exclusive monthly report of all the critical activities that occurred on our customer’s website each month.  From Cyber security issues to web maintenance and updates.  Full transparency and comfort that your business is being well taken care of.

Our Websites are Business Class Focused

Businesses require a team for successful website and marketing (Your team):

Without the right service and team, your business is not in position to compete and win!  With JLB your team will be dedicated experts:

  • Creative graphic design and branding staff
  • Dedicated website development team
  • Traditional and digital marketing experts
  • Client service web-masters dedicated for moves, ads, changes or fix problems
  • Project managers dedicated staff to your account to facilitate resources and keep you informed.
  • Technical engineers and support staff to manage all of the complex hardware, cyber security, networking and overall infrastructure.

Web Design Processes built for success!

We have all the talent on staff and tools in-house. It’s something we’re proud to say we do and it’s unique. Concept to support. Graphic design, Logo design & Identity creation, Copywriting, Web design & development, Search engine optimization (SEO), E-mail marketing, Social networking, Hosting, Cyber security, all technology and Web-master support services. Processes built for your success.

Our team is talented and experienced. We bring the fight to each project we take on. We want our clients to succeed, and we care about being excellent — our jobs depend on it.

Chart showing the best web design process

Building Websites for Nonprofits

JLB understands the significance of giving back. It’s important to our staff to support local nonprofit organizations with their graphic design, Web design services, digital marketing and/or financial needs. We understand that many organizations can’t afford to pay typical corporate prices, but we recognize how important it is for these groups to “get the word out.”

We have the Web Design Offerings for your Project

Web design graphic image Nashville TN for homepage

Great Designs

  • Web design that is mobile responsive
  • Business profile websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Medical practice websites
  • Educational webites
  • Online brand development
  • Graphic and logo design
  • Business conversion web design
Digital marketing image for homepage - Nashville TN

Interactive Services

  • Calendars, Blogs, Sliders, Pop-Ups
  • Social media connectivity
  • Intuitive database integration
  • Video and interactive animations
  • Smart and commerce forms
  • Photo galleries, image movement
  • Web design wire-framing
  • Content management systems

Support & Enable

  • Business-class website hosting solutions
  • High level website security confidence
  • Webmaster support (Manage and Maintain)
  • Website maintenance and programs
  • FULL site backup and restore protection
  • Email integration and email marketing platforms
  • Social media management services
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and adwords
  • Digital marketing and on-demand services