Business Videos for Websites – Nashville TN

Business and Website video production in Nashville TN

Nashville! Website videos or videos of your business are an important element for communicating to your audience, captivating users and search engine optimization.  Take advantage of the power of video whether its an interactive affect or powerful messaging.  Website videos will make a difference in your web design and marketing.  JLB is the best website video production partner you will find in the Nashville TN market.

FACT – a video on your web site homepage increases your chances of ranking on the first page of Google by 50%

Website Videos for Small Business

JLB understands the power of a great website video and has tremendous experience with creating fantastic and results-oriented productions.  Our creative teams will work with you to prepare your video messaging, stage the best elements of your business and make sure we focus on what separates you from the rest of the competition.  Whether you need a brand video, explanation video, customer testimonial, product or service video, or other types of presentation.  The JLB creative team will work with you to identify the best impact for your small business and how it should be highlighted online. It’s important to focus on how different your business is in your market, and bring that to life on the screen. A short video that conveys the power, history, experience, and value of your business will set you apart and drive the right business to you.

JLB has great experience working with small business owners developing websites and providing digital marketing services like SEO and Google Ads, Website video production in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin TN.  JLB can help your small business dominate the marketplace.

Web Video Marketing Benefits

Marketing is always evolving. In the digital age things move quick and your customers don’t have time to read through every detail. How can you make it easier for them to understand your product and company without turning them away? The answer is video. Videos demonstrate your brand, your story, your products and show your customers your value.  Instead of worrying about bounce rates and if all the pages a customer needs to see have been viewed, send them a short video summarizing it all.

On top of being the highest converting method of marketing, video is easily shared across multiple platforms from social media to websites to sharing platforms of all kinds.

  • 70% of consumers share a brand’s video.
  • 52% of consumers feel a video makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.
  • 80% of visitors remember a video ad they watched in the last month.

So what are you waiting for?  Contact us today to learn more about our video marketing services.