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JLB’s Web Design Company creates websites to attract and convert website visitors into paying customers while providing all the needed services with full central support. We understand your website is an investment and we work hard to design sites that are profitable.

JLB Works’ main location is in Nashville Tennessee and our team perfects Web Design in Nashville TN, and nationally, offering full-service website, web development, and digital marketing services.

A Full-Service Web Design Company Providing a One-Stop-Shop.

We promise to take care of you.

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Our Web Design Services

Website Design & Development

As you look into redesigning your website, we understand the importance it is to web design and how it will impact your audience and business. We strive to create a design that will keep your audience on your page longer and learn more about your services and offerings. We build solid navigations so when users access your site, they will find what they are looking for quickly and easily. If you want users to have a better experience and stay on your page longer, you will need qualified web designers and professional web developers to implement navigation that is easy for your audience to use.

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Fast Web Hosting
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Blog Pages
  • Landing Pages

Graphic Design and Content

Visual presentation and clear communication are critical to grabbing the attention of prospects and setting you apart from your competition. Creative consistency, eye-popping concepts, digital movements, layout, textures, mobile displays, color palette, typography, and much more are all small details that make for a great website that delivers the right message.

Whether you need graphic design, logo design, photographs, infographics, written copy, or have other web design needs, JLB is ready for the challenge. Our team has won national awards as a graphic design firm and has over 30 years of combined experience creating professional and compelling websites.

Logo Design

You may want to refresh your logo and brand or create something new and interesting.  JLB’s team will work with you to develop your identity, brand, and logo.  A new brand design should be fresh, with committed colors and a strong identity while promoting the business, sales, and products. Other components to be developed later could include Business Cards, Letterhead, Signs, and other materials.   JLB will provide professionally designed concepts to be reviewed and edited until the perfect concept is selected.

Website Copy

Writing services from JLB means your website copy, along with your images, is stated clearly and fully optimized for search engines. A website isn’t going to go far if your readers don’t understand what you are saying. Providing clean copy gives an unobstructed view of your services, knowledge, and expertise. We also like to make sure your events and announcements are seen and heard within the search results. Your website visitors won’t be left guessing about your business, your mission or your products and services. Web design services don’t stop once a great layout is configured. Clear copy brings your website together and communicates everything your customers need to know.

Responsive Web Designs

Responsive Websites are for people on the go. If people want information about your company product or services, they want to be able to access it immediately on mobile devices and they want that experience to be enjoyable. If you lost even a single customer because they became frustrated while viewing your website on their phone or mobile device, what would it cost you? What if it was a customer a week? If your web design isn’t mobile responsive, it’s virtually guaranteed that you are losing business!

“The benefits (of Mobile Responsive Websites) are obvious: You build a website once, and it works seamlessly across thousands of different screens.” – Pete Cashmore, CEO Mashable

We don’t want you to miss out on even a single customer.   You work too hard for that to happen. Our designers will create a responsive design while our web developers will give you a powerful website that is mobile friendly. Our digital marketers will optimize your site to perform well in the search results while converting your visitors into customers.

Our approach is to make a design and development that responds well to your user’s behavior and environment.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

JLB has been offering the best SEO services to both small and large companies to help their websites rank on the first page of google. Our SEO Services is not a set-it-and-forget-it service. We continue optimizing your content while providing recommendations to provide a quality experience for your visitors.

If you want your website to rank in the top search results, then JLB is the best SEO Agency you will find. As SEO continues to evolve and grow, we work endlessly to keep up with the search engine changes. We ensure the most relevant search terms are being used on your website to maintain a high position within the search results so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

SEO Services Include:

  • User-Intent
  • Keywords
  • Schema
  • Local SEO
  • Links
  • Website Audits

Our Web Design Process

After Years of supporting local and national clients, our web design experiences have guided us to develop processes and tools that make the web design process easy.
We want our customers to succeed online, and we care about being excellent — our jobs depend on it.

What Makes Us Different

Whether your business is in Nashville or elsewhere, you cannot afford to be poorly represented, down, hacked, or de-listed from Google.
Business websites require proper infrastructure, maintenance, security, and support to protect your brand.  Nashville’s JLB delivers that to our customers! 

Icon for 24/7 Web Support Services

Dedicated Team

Business Class Web Support

24/7 engineering support and oversight. Unlimited professional webmaster support.

Icon for Website Stability with Full Service Web Support and Maintenance


Business WEBSITE Stability

Private multi-peered with unlimited scalability, maintenance & technology upkeep.

Lock Icon for Website Protection services with firewalls, spam and DDOS filtering, security software and sitelock integration.



Firewalls, integrated spam & DDOS filtering, security software and SiteLock Integrated.

Monitor Icon for Full Service Website Maintenance and Web Support to keep a website up and online with updates, modules, and patches if necessary


Critical WEB Maintenance

Connectivity and maintenance of code, licensing, updates & modules, structural patches as necessary.

Report Icon for Website Reports and Analytics for Monthly Monitoring and Tracking Services

Reports & Analytics

Monitoring & Tracking

Monitoring software & oversight of platform, analytics management and regular reports.

Gear Icon for Website Protection and Web Support to maintain daily backups and uptime for both small and large websites

Disaster Protection

Uptime & Support

Daily server side backups, technology & infrastructure protection, and redundancies.

Pen Icon for Easy Website Services and Web Support with One Web Design Agency for All your online marketing needs

Ease of Business

One Vendor, One Team, One Bill

No more multiple vendors. All services under one team support invoice and all in one place.

One Team for all Your Website Needs

Get a website package with leading web technologies that have been handpicked by our expert team for your business’ ultimate success. We offer up-to-date and latest web technologies, top-level services that will help you get the website of your dreams, fully responsive design for any device, and a simple but powerful content management interface. Our team produces business websites that are easy to use, secure, and built to grow with your business.

A Complete Digital Marketing Experience

We offer a unique value proposition that allows our customers to focus on their business.
We provide professional services with a focus on our clients’ websites and online marketing needs, with a support team that matters.

Websites Designed For Businesses

How We Design Websites For Businesses

Custom Websites

Our professional website design team in Nashville TN has the expertise to build high-end websites that have a mobile responsive design, have a firm online brand and interactive web design strategy.  JLB has designed thousands of websites and manages over 400 today.  We have the experience.

Digital Marketing

We want your business to get the attention it deserves by drawing in the people looking for your services or products. Nashville’s JLB is a also Premier Google Partner which only 2% of the agencies worldwide ever reach that status.  That expertise is unique and an extra advantage we have for our clients.

A Website that is Easy and Enjoyable to use and navigate

Website Support

We provide ongoing infrastructure, website support and maintenance of your website. Web design, marketing, online technology all in one place with central support.  Business Class Managed Website Services!

JLB web support is UNLIMITED!

Video Websites

Website videos are an important element for communicating to your audience, captivating users and driving SEO.  FACT – a video on your homepage increases your chances of ranking on the first page of Google by 50%.  JLB is the best website video production partner you will find in the Nashville TN market.


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