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‘Web Life & Security’ Report, Exclusively for our Clients

Nashville TN (1/4/2018) – JLB implemented a detailed Web Life and Security Report that goes out on a monthly basis exclusively for JLB website clients. The Web Life and Security Report is a full report of the critical cyber security and maintenance activities that occurred on a client’s website that month. Full transparency on what really happens every month on your website.

Some of the security items detailed in the report included any cyber-attacks that were blocked; the number of malicious IPs blocked; the number of failed login attempts; and, the number of cyber scans for that month. In addition, the report will detail the website maintenance work that was completed for that month; the web operations work that was completed, along with backup and tracking data; and, an FAQ section.

“The Web Life and Security Report was created so that our clients know their websites are being well taken care of, safe and secure in our hands,” said Ken Royer, CEO at JLB. “We take website security very seriously, and we want our clients to know that we are being proactive each month to protect their websites. Additionally, we want our clients to feel comfortable that when we are managing their most important sales and marketing asset that they know all the critical things that are going on.”

JLB provides the only fully managed web marketing service for businesses.

Centralizing all website and related marketing services under one vendor with one support team, and one bill. Just a simpler more successful solution for businesses.

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Imagine having a full Web team, Cyber Security team, developers, designers, SEO specialists, Adword experts, Internet engineers, Social media staff, email services and more as your dedicated team for as little as $6 a day. This includes all equipment, technology upkeep and daily full account and server side backup protection.

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A full-service digital agency providing the only fully supported and managed marketing service for businesses. We help businesses–from small to large–grow and thrive with strong Internet presence. All critical services under one vendor, with one bill and central support.

Recognizable brands include Star Physical Therapy, Corvette Museum, Franklin Theatre, LifeWay, FranklinIs, Logan Aluminum and many more.

JLB is proud to be a veteran-owned business with over 15 years of success with an award-winning team of in-house experts that provide unsurpassed results. Our exceptional work does not go unnoticed, either; JLB was named a Google Premier Partner.

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