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E-commerce: Here’s What You Need to Know // Jul 08 // JLB Support

When something is bought or sold online, it is referred to as e-commerce. Many individuals and organizations are forced to do business exclusively through the internet due to recent global conditions. The internet is now allowing businesses to improve their efficiency and productivity in ways they never have before. In that case, you might have […]

8 Essentials for Ecommerce Website Design // Aug 05 // JLB

Successful eCommerce Website Elements Ecommerce Websites and Online shopping has grown in popularity over the last decade. The emergence of Amazon and other huge online retailers has forced many companies to increase focus on their eCommerce capabilities. Any new company is going to need to make online sales a large portion of their efforts in […]

Mobile shopper conversion with your E-commerce Ad campaigns // Feb 26 // JLB

E-commerce Web Design Mobile Conversion Google Ad Guide Consumers increasingly turn to mobile devices for the final purchase. To capture mobile shoppers, it’s more critical than ever for advertisers to have a simple and effective mobile presence. Keep an eye on 4 key principles for a strong E-commerce campaign strategy for mobile. 1. Create a […]

Top Tips for Optimizing E-Commerce Landing Pages // Jul 30 // JLB

While many e-commerce companies closely monitor website analytics – including the amount of traffic that comes to the site itself – traffic volume is only a small piece of the marketing puzzle.  An effective strategy for marketing your products to specific target audiences is essential, and landing pages are a useful tool for narrowing your […]

What the Latest Trends in E-commerce Mean for Your Business // Apr 23 // JLB

By 2020, e-commerce sales are expected to exceed $4 trillion and account for more than 14% of retail spending. If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that e-commerce is a growing industry. E-commerce is such a big part of the consumer landscape that it’s hard to remember that Amazon, the world leader in […]

The Top 5 Ecommerce Blogs You Should be Reading // Feb 26 // JLB

In the vast world of e-commerce, we could all use a little help from our friends. There’s always something to learn, and the more information the better, so we turn to the vast internet for advice. But, tracking down great content about e-commerce is like trying to find that elusive needle in a haystack. Everything […]

Seven Hot Digital Trends In Retail Right Now // Jun 12 // JLB

The retail industry is undergoing a dramatic reorganization. Brick-and-mortar shopping is declining significantly, while online retail is reaching stratospheric heights. Amazon sales have increased by almost 2,000% over the last decade while several stores, including Macy’s, Bebe and Payless, have announced massive closures. The overall trend is clear: People want to buy online and only retailers that can […]

Online Commerce Trends for 2017 // Apr 30 // JLB

A look at the online commerce trends for 2017. It’s safe to say that the online marketplace is only gaining momentum as each year passes. Over fifty percent of all Americans prefer to shop online as opposed to shopping in store, with this number only looking to jump substantially in the next coming years. So […]

Why E-Commerce Will Soon Extend to Facebook and Twitter // Dec 16 // JLB

Even small businesses are hopping about the e-commerce train, and for good reason: It’s becoming accessible on social media. SEO and digital marketing services in Nashville are booming, and business professionals are capitalizing on the digital world’s rapid adoption of brick-and-mortar sales options. Whether you’re trying to drive in-store sales or establish an e-commerce platform, […]

Top Website Design E-commerce trends in 2016 // Mar 28 // JLB

  E-commerce Trends JLB Website Design (Franklin TN) and Internet Marketing of Nashville TN found this great information about E-commerce trends and wanted to compile it for you. 2016 will continue to be an innovator’s market, and if you’re not adapting and evolving to meet the needs of your customers, then there is a good chance […]