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Online Commerce Trends for 2017

A look at the online commerce trends for 2017.
It’s safe to say that the online marketplace is only gaining momentum as each year passes. Over fifty percent of all Americans prefer to shop online as opposed to shopping in store, with this number only looking to jump substantially in the next coming years. So in order to claim your stake in this growing market, it’s important to tackle the upcoming trends for 2017.

  • Cyber November – Black Friday and Cyber Monday are becoming a thing of the past, as businesses are looking to use the entire month of November as a way to share their great deals. Considering customers spent over $400 billion shopping online on Cyber Monday, businesses are looking to cash in early to receive phenomenal results.
  • Canadian Shoppers Welcome – Google states that at least 40 percent of Canadian customers begin their holiday shopping well before Halloween. So what does that mean? Well, it means that there’s an entire market that deserves advertising before one begins advertising in the United States. So instead of spending all of your advertising dollars in late October to cash in on the Cyber November customers, why not spread out your advertising money (to cover the fall months) and pick up a few Canadian customers during the holiday season.
  • Unique Customer Experiences – Every shopper has access to unique content. Whether it be add-ons or product recommendation based on brand interactions, demographic groups, geographic locations and preferences, all customer experiences will be created automatically. To make the experiences even more unique for the customer, their next visit will be different due to the fact that the experience will be based on current promotions and what the customer experienced the first time they shopped on your site. Although this may seem a bit intrusive, it prevents shopping experiences that come from out of the blue (i.e. customers being suggested irrelevant products). Platforms such as Sitecore, Magento, and Monetate help suggest recommendations based on brand interactions and online activity, which can be compared to a customer walking into a store and the salespeople knowing what the customer is looking for.
  • Power To The Customers – Over 90 percent of online shoppers read product reviews from buyers due to the fact that buyer uncertainty can become an obstacle when it comes to shopping online. However, the more information that is available regarding the product… the more likely the customer is to buy the product. In addition to making shopping experience less stressful for the customer, product information makes the customer feel less reluctant (and more confident) when making a purchase online.

So if you plan on reaping big rewards this upcoming holiday season, it’s important to get your ducks in a row beforehand to cash in on the upcoming holiday season early. So if you happen to live in Brentwood,TN and you’re looking for SEO services, feel free to contact us today so we can get started.

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