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Mistakes You May be Making in Your Marketing Strategy // Jun 07 // JLB Support

Did you know that 70% of organized, cohesive marketing strategies achieve their goals within a few months? While most businesses recognize that they at least need a marketing plan, they often fail to give direction that will help ensure their efforts will be successful. Lack of strategy creates holes that can lead to mistakes and missed opportunities. […]

Defining a Strong Marketing Plan can Benefit Your Business // Mar 25 // JLB Support

With 60% of smartphone users reporting that they contact a business directly from their initial search results, incorporating a strong marketing plan into your annual efforts is important. Creating and maintaining your marketing plan will be a continuous effort. To ensure your business is making the most out of your strategy, implementation can take a […]

How to Best Define Your Target Market // Mar 15 // JLB Support

As a business, you’re going to either have a product or different services that you offer to your customer base. When it comes to your marketing efforts, defining your perfect target market can be a tricky task. 75% of smartphone users expect to receive immediate, pertinent information as they search— meaning your business will want […]

Top Benefits to Outsourcing Your Marketing Needs // Mar 10 // JLB Support

Did you know that search engines drive 93% of all website traffic? With that in mind, outsourcing your SEO and marketing tactics can improve your content traffic by as much as 2,000%. Creating and maintaining your website SEO and brand marketing is a continuous effort. It can take a lot of time and resources to […]

6 Tips to Set Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Apart // Dec 14 // JLB

There’s a lot of stuff on the internet. In fact, it’s been estimated that there are about 400 million active websites, with more being added every minute. Inbound marketing refers to the practice of providing content that organically draws visitors into your website. This can be done through SEO-optimized blogs, social media posts, videos, and […]

8 Benefits of Pay Per Click Marketing // Nov 23 // JLB

Digital Marketing is part psychology, part fortune-telling, and part guesswork. This is why there are so many different kinds to choose from. The more lines you have in the water, the more bites you’re liable to get. The different methods of digital marketing provide their own pros and cons. Some take a while to see […]

How Effective is Internet Marketing, Really? // Nov 16 // JLB

Traditional marketing methods are becoming increasingly obsolete. Television and radio advertisements, billboards, and newspaper ads are becoming less effective as people migrate their attention to the internet. In fact, it’s estimated that over four billion people are currently using the internet. That’s over half of the world’s population. Do you think you might have some […]

Cast a Wider Net With Inbound Marketing // Nov 02 // JLB

People need to be aware of your business. This is the core concept behind any form of marketing. You are trying to make the general public aware of your goods and services, at the same time as convincing them you are the best option to address their needs. But how do you accomplish this? Traditional […]

Digital Marketing Is Your Swiss Army Knife // Oct 12 // JLB

Digital Marketing For All Your Online Marketing Marketing is an essential part of building a successful business. You can have the best product in the entire world but nobody is going to buy it if they don’t know it exists. It’s a necessary expense, but there are ways you can maximize your return. The trick […]

6 Ways to Build Your Brand and Online Presence // May 18 // JLB

Build Your Brand & Online Presence with Internet Marketing Businesses of all industries need to have an online presence. Even if your services seem as low-tech as you can get, you need to be active on the internet. This is where your customers are searching for services. And if you don’t throw your hat into […]