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Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Click Through Rate // Jul 10 // JLB

Sending an email isn’t enough to successfully market your business. High email click-through rates (CTR) indicate a solid marketing strategy that results in more leads. And more leads result in more sales. CTR’s are how you measure how many people click on your links or ads in a marketing email. And a high CTR means […]

A Quick Guide to Email Marketing for SMBs // Jun 20 // JLB

As a small business, there’s an arsenal of digital marketing strategies at your disposal. If you’ve spent any time online, you’ve probably noticed that everyone is screaming about social media, live video and other trending marketing tactics. But, what about some of the more tried and true strategies, like email marketing? Is it still relevant […]

Reading Your Email Stats // Mar 30 // JLB

Wanna get the most out of your campaigns? It all starts with number crunching… 1. Look at the bounces. It may not be the most fun place to start, but you need to pay attention to the number (and names) of bounced email from your campaign. Maybe there is a typo in the address (something […]

Opt-ins Explained // Mar 30 // JLB

With this powerful tool, you can confirm someone’s subscription to your email list at any time. Use it to verify new people, renew your existing subscriptions or just freshen things up every so often. Of course, this a good practice to implement, since confirmed members are more likely to receive and respond to your emails. […]

Maximizing Your Results // Mar 30 // JLB

Here are five solid guidelines for increasing your email campaign results… 1. Get permission. The best thing you can do to boost your response rates is to follow the first rule of permission email marketing: send only to people who’ve asked to receive your emails. 2. Proof your content. If your open rates are lower […]

Managing Your Email Campaigns // Mar 30 // JLB

So you want to manage your email marketing campaign with precision and aplomb. The it’s time to get serious! Take a look at the following list of dos and don’ts. Dos Get real with your subject line. (something better than My June Newsletter…) Strike the right balance between images and text. (don’t go heavy on […]

Benefits of email marketing // Oct 31 // JLB

Recently, my husband and I were discussing the differences between email marketing and mass mailers. After doing a little research, the benefits of email marketing make the most sense for stretching your advertising dollar. Here are three ways that email