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Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Click Through Rate

Sending an email isn’t enough to successfully market your business. High email click-through rates (CTR) indicate a solid marketing strategy that results in more leads. And more leads result in more sales.
CTR’s are how you measure how many people click on your links or ads in a marketing email. And a high CTR means that people found the content compelling enough to click a link.
High CTR’s are a critical part of an email marketing campaign. Here are a few strategies you can use to start optimizing yours.

Subject Line

An astounding 34% of people say the subject line in an email is the most crucial factor in deciding whether or not to read it, and 69% use the subject to decide if they should mark an email spam. A poor subject line can lead to people unsubscribing from your emails. Keep your subjects short, pique curiosity, ask a question or create a fear of missing out.


Make sure your email is formatted so it can easily be read on a computer or a mobile device. Also, use proper spacing, and include subtitles to break up the text.  And don’t place essential information in an image.

Allow Sharing

Include an option for recipients to share your email on social media. Emails that have sharing options increase the CTR and improve engagement, boosting your brand recognition.

Create Urgency

Put limits or expiration dates on your offers, such as “1 Day Only,” which increases the likelihood someone will click on your content. The fear of missing out on something is a great way to get people to take action.

Focus Your Email

Limit distractions, and limit superfluous content. Focus on what the end goal of your email is. Don’t include information that is not related to its central purpose. Don’t include too many links or multiple offers. It makes the recipient think the email is unfocused and sloppy.

Targeted Content

Since you already have an email list, make sure you know what your recipients want. Target your content based on their needs and interests. The more relevant your email is to their needs, the higher your CTR will be.

Include the Same Link Multiple Times

People prefer links at different points in an email. Some readers may immediately click on a hyperlink, while others choose to read the content before deciding whether or not to click.

Follow Up

If someone makes a purchase from a link in a previous email, send a follow-up email thanking them for their purchase. Noticing someone’s prior interaction increases the chances they will do it again. It also makes them feel appreciated and acknowledged.

Announce Something New

People like to keep up with trends, so if you have a new product or are hosting an upcoming event, send an email that announces it. This creates excitement.
A high CTR is the holy grail of email marketing success.  If your email marketing efforts are falling a little flat, contact the experts at JLB Works today.

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