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The Importance of a Strong Logo

Let’s face it, competition for new clients is fiercer than ever, which is why there’s no better time than the present to analyze every piece of your marketing strategy to identify areas where you can improve. One thing many small business owners often overlook is their logo. While seemingly basic, it’s critically important for your business.
A good, eye-catching logo can attract –and maintain – new prospects’ interest in your business.  In fact, some marketing experts say that a good, eye-catching logo is “the holy grail for a business.” After all, instant brand recognition is an undeniable feature for many successful businesses. A good logo tells your clients how you will approach their unique needs before you’ve ever met, which in turn allows them to conceptualize what you have to offer with minimal engagement.

Logos Are Your Small to Medium Business’ First Impression

The importance of a good first impression is what motivates many companies to seek professional assistance in developing a logo.  Professional designers can offer rare insights into the message you’re trying to communicate with your logo, and distill it into a symbol that potential customers will carry with them long after they first lay eyes on it. Deciding what you want them to know – and what questions you want to leave them with – is an important marketing decision, and should be given ample time and consideration.

How to Convey Your Message through Your Logo

Deciding how you would like your company to be seen in perpetuity is not an easy process, and shouldn’t be rushed.  As you’re brainstorming ideas for your logo, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Corporate Culture – What are your core corporate values?
  • Posture– Are you a young, vivacious start-up or a mature, polished enterprise?
  • Expression– Are you a conscientious, detail-oriented crew of perfectionists or a high-powered meeting of creative minds?

A logo speaks for your business before you have the opportunity to speak for it yourself, so it’s important that it conveys your attitude, the quality of your work, and the way you desire your business to be seen. A logo that miscommunicates any facet of your business or its corporate culture can give clients or customers the wrong idea about who are you are, and turn them away from your offerings, sight unseen.

Turning to Outside Help

If your small business is lacking that certain something that ties all of its positive elements together in a single symbol, let JLB Works combine the best that you have to offer into a visual representation of the living essence of your business.  We can help you project your business’ strengths with a memorable visual that will last in the minds of everyone who sees it. Request a quote from JLB Works today, and let us show you what we can do to make your business both recognizable and memorable.

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