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Top Tips for Optimizing E-Commerce Landing Pages

While many e-commerce companies closely monitor website analytics – including the amount of traffic that comes to the site itself – traffic volume is only a small piece of the marketing puzzle.  An effective strategy for marketing your products to specific target audiences is essential, and landing pages are a useful tool for narrowing your focus.
Where organic traffic might lead visitors to your e-commerce site’s main page with options to navigate through to different product pages, a landing page can deliver a targeted message designed to cater to a specific target audience with respect to specific products.  A properly developed landing page is a valuable tool not only for increasing conversions but for learning more about your customers by collecting contact information and measuring the effectiveness of different on-page elements.
Here’s how to optimize your landing pages for the highest number of conversions.

Experiment with On-Page Elements

Tweaking the location of form fields, images, and the copy can directly impact your conversion rates if your landing page inspires greater consumer confidence in the virtues of your business. There are a number of ways to optimize your on-page elements:

  • Ensure your copy and CTA text mimics customers’ vocabulary. This helps with search engine optimization, and also tells people that you’re selling exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Include social proof like testimonials, as well as recognizable accreditations like partner logos, endorsements from organizations like the Better Business Bureau.  This tells people that you’re a legitimate organization selling high-quality products.
  • Ensure your CTAs match the audience’s familiarity with your product.  If you’re contacting a group for the first time, or you are targeting a particular audience for the first time, use a CTA that encourages people to share their contact information with you, so that you can market to them directly in the future.

Limit the Number of Potential Interactions

The most important aspect of landing page optimization is adjusting on-page elements in different combinations to test the effect on conversion rates.  By doing so, you can measure what is most effective for generating conversions. To do so effectively, the number of possible outcomes need to be limited.  
If you’re marketing to different audiences and you want to test the effect of a different layout or the presentation of things like testimonials, you need to ensure that the path to the call to action – whether it be conversion or gathering contact information – is the same.  Additionally, a simpler layout with more white space can present your message more clearly than a cluttered layout that allows many types of user actions.

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Professional Consultation!

A well-optimized landing page will help you successfully market your brand – and your products – to specific audience demographics.  If you’re frustrated with your conversion rates and the number of abandoned shopping carts on your e-commerce site, let JLB Works’ help.  We’re experts in digital marketing strategies, including website development and landing page design.

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