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Benefits of email marketing

Recently, my husband and I were discussing the differences between email marketing and mass mailers. After doing a little research, the benefits of email marketing make the most sense for stretching your advertising dollar. Here are three ways that email marketing blows mailers out of the water!

  1. Cost – email marketing is far cheaper than sending out mass mailers. Between the cost of printing and the increasing cost of postage, a tri-folded brochure can easily cost $1 each to mail. With mass email marketing campaigns, 2,500 “brochures” can be sent for $25. Wow!
  2. Tracking – With email marketing the business owner can easily track the number of people who opened the email. No telling how many of those paper brochures fall straight in the recycling bin! Also, any bad email addresses are automatically tracked so that future lists can be streamlined.
  3. Click-throughs – When a person receives a paper brochure in their mailbox, they have to do something, like pick up the phone or sit down to write an email to give a response. An email makes it easy for people to click straight to a website for additional information or to reply to get in touch with a person more quickly. Less effort on the part of the consumer, usually means greater return.

Now, there definitely is a time and place to send mail the old fashioned way. People like to have a piece of paper to hold and remind them of someone or something. We’re sentimental. However, when you are looking to reach the masses, especially on a regular basis, you really can’t beat a good email marketing strategy!

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