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Opt-ins Explained

With this powerful tool, you can confirm someone’s subscription to your email list at any time. Use it to verify new people, renew your existing subscriptions or just freshen things up every so often. Of course, this a good practice to implement, since confirmed members are more likely to receive and respond to your emails.
Three ways to utilize the opt-in feature:

1. Invite new subscribers to confirm their signup.

By making sure your confirmation email asks each new subscriber to click a confirmation link, it’s your way of making sure a) he or she is getting your emails, and b) he or she – and not his or her prankster friend Rolf – is indeed the person who signed up.
Tip: You can see who has (and hasn’t) confirmed at any time by viewing your audience groups and sorting by the opt-in confirmed column, which includes a check mark for anyone who has confirmed.

2. Invite people to renew their subscription after moving to your email marketing account.

After importing your list to your email marketing account, consider including a confirmation link in your first few campaigns to tell people about your new campaign format and ask them to confirm their place on your list. Be sure to include the link in several consecutive campaigns (to give recipients several chances to act) and then target the remaining non-responders with a last-chance-to-confirm campaign.

3. Invite people to renew their place in your list once a year.

It’s a good idea to, on an annual basis, ask your recipients to help you keep your list clean by confirming their desire to remain on it. You don’t have to interrupt your routine to do it either. Instead, just incorporate a quick confirm-it prompt at the top of your regular newsletters, updates and promotions.
Tip: You can find (and send to) the “unconfirmed” folks using the search & segment feature.

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