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Benefits of Clear Content Marketing & Copywriting

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Why Content and Website Copy Needs to be Clear & Professional

A good marketing agency will explain your website gives a lasting impression of your business. It’s become customary for a potential customer to learn more about a company online before placing an order or visiting a physical location.

Perhaps they find your website through an internet search. Or maybe they come across an advertisement on social media or Google. Either way, you’ve piqued their interest and convinced them to look into your website.

What are they going to find when they get there? Will the layout be intuitive? Will the images be high resolution and attractive? Will the text be interesting and free of errors?

All of these factors can have a large impact on the way your visitors form their opinion of your website and company. Images and layout might draw people’s attention as they first enter the website, but the text is what’s going to provide applicable information.

This text is your website’s “copy.”

Copywriting will set the tone for your website, your brand, and the service your customers will expect. It’s important and it provides a range of benefits.

Perceived Professionalism

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Professional web design & web copy

Clean writing contributes to the general view a visitor will have of your company. Spelling and grammatical errors are often the results of inattention to detail. And evidence of sloppiness can be extrapolated to apply to your products and services.

Taking the time to display clean writing on your website shows your visitors that you take their time seriously. You want to provide a great overall service and understand that the details matter. And even if these thoughts don’t specifically run through your visitor’s heads, the opposite thought will strike them if they are presented with a series of errors.

SEO Benefits

Example of SEO benefits from a website with clear content

Search Engine Optimization Benefits

Search engines want to offer their users the best material possible. There is a long list of qualities taken into account when you type in a search query. The proficiency of writing is one such quality.
Search engines gain their prestige by providing useful and accurate results to their users. A search engine that continually offers users subpar results will see a decrease in users. And if your website provides information in a clean and clear manner, they will be more likely to send visitors your way. Clean copy provides a crisp view of your services, which makes it easier for search engines to understand the value you provide.

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Clear Communication

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Clear communication for a better experience

Internet users don’t like to be confused. There are so many options for receiving information on the internet that any difficulty will send users elsewhere. You want your visitors to know what it is you do and why you’re the place to receive that service. And you want them to understand this as quickly as possible.

High-quality copywriting communicates this information. Explaining yourself is just as important as getting a visitor to your website in the first place. Users don’t give new websites much time to prove their worth so you need to grab their interest as quickly as possible.

Contribute to Brand Identity

branded shoes to represent Brand Identity

Marketing Agency Brand Identity

Brand identity relates to how the general public views your company. This is communicated through your advertisements, customer interactions, and website copy. This is your chance to communicate the character of your company.

What tone do you want to portray? Is your company light-hearted? Are you more serious with a focus on professionalism? Your website copy is your opportunity to solidify this aspect of your personality while conveying important information. Clean website copy will be consistent in tone and quality throughout all of your website’s pages as well as any blog posts or advertisements.

Puts Focus on Message

glasses resting on message

Focusing on inbound marketing & web copy

People notice mistakes. Spelling errors jump out once they’re noticed. Imperfect and clunky sentences cause the reader to pause and re-read them for clarity. All of this takes away the focus from the content of the writing and places it on the mechanics. Your message can get lost when people are paying attention to each specific word instead of the ideas as a whole.

Clean writing portrays ideas without getting in the way. Your visitor’s focus should be on what you are saying instead of the way in which you are trying to say it.

Better Visitor Experience

People looking at computer cheering

Web design company making clients happy

All of this boils down to one basic idea: You want your visitors to enjoy their time on your website. Any annoyance will send them elsewhere. And the more time they spend on your website, the more likely they are to use your services. Making use of every possible tool at your disposal gives you the best chance of providing a positive experience for your visitors.

All of these benefits contribute to successful web design and a beneficial SEO performance for your website. Is your website’s copy in the best possible condition?

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