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Does your website contribute to your business success?

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Much like the design tactics of most physical products you’re likely to find in a conventional store, the design of a website can have a very real and direct impact on the success, or failure, of a website. Whether you’re only looking for traffic to the site or you’re looking to be “the next big thing” in online sales, having a well-designed site not only assures your visitors of your legitimacy but also allows them easy access and direction to their desired location. While neglecting these fundamentals of good design can alienate potential customers and, worse yet, potentially eliminate their desire to return to the site entirely.


Ease of use is likely the most important factor for many people when deciding which website to visit or purchase from. Too often do we hear about how difficult it can be to do even simple tasks on well-known products, and websites are no exception.  Having a well-organized page that uses clear, concise language can, by itself, put you ahead of the competition. Mix in some accessibility features and you are well on your way to having a web page that is not only easy to use but accessible to various, and potentially untapped, customers. Making your business website ADA Compliant or 508 compliant and will further promote your professionalism to any and all visitors to the site. The benefits of which will be self-evident as your traffic and sales increase.


When these visitors arrive, your website must function properly on any device they choose to visit on. Not only will the functionality of the site have a direct impact on its ease of use but it’s overall stability and security. Overlooking this key detail can not only lead to slower load times but confusion for the users and in some cases, the website could fail to function at all. The expectation of consumers in today’s market is that of speed and accuracy. Failing to cater to these expectations will most certainly work against you.  Particularly if you’re looking for those extra sales numbers. Proper functionality will help ensure your audience and customers have the speed and basic know-how they need to navigate your site with no delays or confusion.           


While the ease of use and functionality of a website are certainly vital, another very important part of good design is the actual layout of the website. When a potential customer first visits your page value is placed on it. Does it stand out from the rest? Is it cluttered and confusing? Does the customer have clear directions? All of these and more contribute to the value that’s placed. Having a good layout is key to a concise and professional looking domain and without it, the person visiting may simply click the back button and find a website that makes sense to them. A proper layout and color scheme can help emphasize the areas you want your audience to notice, be aesthetically pleasing, and keep them away from that dreaded back button.


First impressions can be the difference between poverty and prosperity. A website is often the first contact point a consumer will have with you or your organization. Using intuitive design methods and keeping the above points in mind as you continue to develop your website can, and will, attract a wider audience and in turn, provide your clientele with the easy access and speed they expect from an online source. Choosing a design that is functional, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing can make a strong statement and reinforce your business image in whichever way you choose. These and other design choices can have a direct and substantial impact on your website’s success.  The sum of what may seem as innocuous decisions will drive your target audience to or away from your product.


Everything else being equal, a well thought out design can be the key difference between a successful company and one that struggles. From the moment your customer first views your website to their last click on your page, its design can be a determining factor for their interest in what you are offering. A carefully crafted design can mean the difference between a sale and a lost customer. Don’t let the excitement of establishing your online presence rush your decisions because, as we all know, even the smallest details can add up to big things.

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