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Defining a Strong Marketing Plan can Benefit Your Business

With 60% of smartphone users reporting that they contact a business directly from their initial search results, incorporating a strong marketing plan into your annual efforts is important. Creating and maintaining your marketing plan will be a continuous effort. To ensure your business is making the most out of your strategy, implementation can take a lot of time and resources.

When it comes to gaining new business leads and enhancing your current efforts, working with a strong marketing plan from the start will set you up for success. When you partner with JLB, we will provide you with industry experts to get your marketing strategy up and running— enhancing your business. 

Here are the top ways a strong marketing plan can benefit your business:

  1. Showcase Your Brand
  2. Define Your Audience
  3. Increase Brand Awareness
  4. Retain Current Customers
  5. Attract Leads
  6. Learn What Works
  7. Hiring Your Marketing Partner

Showcase Your Brand

When it comes to creating a strong marketing plan for your business, you’ll want to ensure your goals showcase your brand and your values. Your marketing plan should strive to reinforce how you wish customers to perceive your brand. 

In today’s digital world, you might not have as much control over your brand as in the past. With a strategic marketing plan, you can influence how people perceive your business and efforts. Your brand should connect with your audience in a welcoming, informational way. A strong marketing plan helps your business to do just that. Keep things consistent to let customers see your brand in a positive, professional light.

Define Your Audience

When you opened the doors to your business, you probably had at least one target audience in mind. Your target audience refers to the niche group of people who would benefit from your products or services. For those who are still unsure of who their target audience may be, a marketing plan is a great place to start. 

Look into your current customers— who do you currently serve? How do they benefit from your services? Then look to your ideal customers— who do you think would benefit from your products or services that aren’t already a customer? 

Once you’ve come up with a few different groups, think about the specifics. Define anything from age, gender, location, education level, personality, to values or lifestyles. Getting down to the specifics when creating your target audience can prove to be very important when establishing a strong marketing plan.  

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an extremely important element to your marketing efforts. If your business is not currently making any strides in your marketing efforts, or maybe you don’t even have a distinct marketing plan in place, you’ll want to start by enhancing your brand awareness. 

By implementing a strong marketing plan, your business can connect with many more prospective customers. As a company without a big voice, your ideal customers may not know where to find your products or services. When you create a direct marketing strategy, that includes blog content, SEO tactics, or maybe even web design— your business can reach large numbers of leads. 

If your business has been struggling with finding and maintaining those customer relationships, take a look at your marketing plan. Is it serving you well? If not: visit JLB in Franklin, TN to build your strong marketing plan!

Retain Current Customers

As you start to work with your newly implemented marketing plan, it’s important to remember that obtaining new customers isn’t the only thing to consider. Maintaining your current customers is not only integral to the success of your business, but proves to be equally important as gaining new leads. 

When you start to engage with your clients via social media or through your content outreach efforts, your customers will see how much you care about their needs and voice. Engaging with your customers and providing them with adequate resources and information makes all the difference when forming those long lasting relationships. 

Attract Leads

Once you’re able to build trust with your existing customers, you can begin to let your marketing plan shine. A strong marketing plan will not only help you find your ideal customers— but your business will be able to attract new leads to turn them into actual customers! Just as you would engage with your current clients, finding ways to offer resources and beneficial information about your business to potential new customers is important. This can be a specific outreach portion added to your marketing plan that can ensure long term success. 

Learn What Works

Once you implement a strong marketing plan, you’ll begin to see results of all kinds. When you first introduce any marketing efforts into your business strategy, it can be a bit overwhelming. However, as you and your team get the hang of things, or even outsource your efforts, you’ll be able to recognize the positives and the negatives. 

Either way, you’ll be able to tailor your marketing plan to your specific needs and recent results to provide you with a better roadmap for the following quarter or year. Taking the time to learn what works best for your business is important. With the right resources and help, your marketing plan will be able to generate new business and maintain your current customer relationships. 

Hiring Your Marketing Partner 

If you’re looking for a team of industry experts to provide you with the latest resources that will take your business to the next level, then outsourcing your marketing needs might be the right move for your business. 

At JLB we provide “business-class” web design services, SEO and digital marketing all in-house with full support. We can help your business define your perfect target market and provide your customer base with the right resources. Our number one goal is to deliver affordable, high-end custom websites with a private collection of proven tools and services that give your business the ultimate advantage. Our results are amazing— just see for yourself! Contact JLB today. 

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