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Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Click Through Rate // Jul 10 // JLB

Sending an email isn’t enough to successfully market your business. High email click-through rates (CTR) indicate a solid marketing strategy that results in more leads. And more leads result in more sales. CTR’s are how you measure how many people click on your links or ads in a marketing email. And a high CTR means […]

A Quick Guide to Email Marketing for SMBs // Jun 20 // JLB

As a small business, there’s an arsenal of digital marketing strategies at your disposal. If you’ve spent any time online, you’ve probably noticed that everyone is screaming about social media, live video and other trending marketing tactics. But, what about some of the more tried and true strategies, like email marketing? Is it still relevant […]

85% of consumers use the Internet SEO to find a local business // Feb 09 // JLB

Unfortunately, it is often some of the most uniformed, uneducated and downright unscrupulous companies that come up first in a generic internet search.  That is because these companies can simply buy their way to the top by purchasing SEO services with little regard to actually earning a good reputation.   At JLB, we believe that […]

Email Marketing Dos and Don’ts // Aug 17 // JLB

So you want to manage your email marketing campaign with precision and aplomb. The it’s time to get serious! Take a look at the following list of dos and don’ts. Dos Get real with your subject line. (something better than My June Newsletter…) Strike the right balance between images and text. (don’t go heavy on […]

Higher Email Open Rates // Jul 28 // JLB

George Mathew from The Daily Egg has the secret key to unlock higher email open rates.  Read his article below: The Surprising Secret to Higher Email Open Rates Budget for email marketing is on the rise. In fact, email marketing is one the top three investments in B2B marketing, according to the B2B email marketing trends […]

Nashville’s JLB Voted Best Web Design and Developer // Apr 11 // JLB

 JLB Wins 2014 Sizzle Award for Best Web Design and Development Company in Williamson County JLB, a full-service web marketing firm voted Best in Williamson County Franklin, TN – JLB, today announced that it was recently awarded the Sizzle Award for Williamson County’s (a South Nashville County serving Brentwood, Franklin and surrounding towns) Best Web Design […]

CSS support in email clients // May 12 // JLB

There are many things in this world that I find more fun than designing and/or coding email marketing templates. Bee stings, bike accidents, or inadvertently “relieving” yourself during the middle of a first date are just a few good examples.

Writing Better Subject Lines // Mar 30 // JLB

It’s the most important sentence of your entire email campaign, and yet too many otherwise creative people are content with the most quotidian of subject lines, like “February Newsletter.” February may indeed be an exciting month for your organization, but busy readers with mere seconds to decide whether to stop and open your email need […]

Reading Your Email Stats // Mar 30 // JLB

Wanna get the most out of your campaigns? It all starts with number crunching… 1. Look at the bounces. It may not be the most fun place to start, but you need to pay attention to the number (and names) of bounced email from your campaign. Maybe there is a typo in the address (something […]

Opt-ins Explained // Mar 30 // JLB

With this powerful tool, you can confirm someone’s subscription to your email list at any time. Use it to verify new people, renew your existing subscriptions or just freshen things up every so often. Of course, this a good practice to implement, since confirmed members are more likely to receive and respond to your emails. […]