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5 Questions Everyone Should Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer

Creating a website that draws in clients, helps them find the information they need and keeps them coming back for more is often easier said than done. While your website should engage your customers, it should also boldly say who you are, what you do and what you can offer. Luckily, with the right web designer and a clear vision, anything is possible online. But before you start working with the first we designer you find in Nashville, be sure to ask a few standard questions to make sure you get the best possible outcome.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Web Designer

1. What is your usability approach?

This is a great way to quickly distinguish whether you are working with an experienced web designer and a novice. Determining their approach to usability will help you to better understand their focus and whether or not they have the visitor in mind. A good answer should always include user-centered design.

2. Do you have examples of similar projects to mine?

Always be sure to take a close look at examples with similar goals and features to the ones you want to include in your design. Interested in an even registration or online quoting tool? Save time and energy by talking to people who can show you an example that they’ve already completed. Look for a designer that can show you a wide range of samples and designs.

3. Can I meet the team?

Want to make sure that your design team works in-house? With this simple question, you can easily see if your design team works in-house or if they outsource certain design elements. A lot of companies outsource for certain parts of a project, so be sure you are on board with whoever will be handling your project first.

4. Is it possible to make changes later?

One of the great truths about the internet is the fact that it changes all of the time. That means that your website will need to change over time too. One great way to see if a web design company is right for you is to determine how they approach ongoing changes. Ask about content management tools and other possible changes down the road before you go all in.

5. How do we measure results?

With this question, it’s perfectly fine to receive an answer that gets a little technical. Just be on the look out for terms like unique visits, bounce rate, page views, inbound links, search engine rankings, etc. And don’t be afraid to ask for explanations of these terms in simple English! You want to work with a team that has a plan for generating leads and providing you with the best results possible.

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Choosing the right web designer in Nashville, TN can be a tall order but with a few simple questions to determine how a company works, you’ll have a recipe for success. Interested in working with our experienced and friendly team? Visit us online today to request a quote and discover the difference at JLB Works.

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