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What Website Analytics Are & How To Make Them Work For You

A look at website analytics and how you can make them work for you.
Analytics are a major buzzword in marketing. If you’re still in the dark regarding analytics and what they are, they’re the identification and assessment of relevant patterns in your data. Analytics are used in areas such as sales optimization, logistics, marketing, and so much more. However, they’re commonly applied to traffic visiting a website.
Why You Need Analytic Measurements
Without these measurements, your marketing tactics remain a guessing game. Without being able to assess the levels of failures or successes associated with a campaign, no solid ground can be established to move forward and grow professionally. By looking at these analytics, your business can effectively adapt and develop marketing strategies. Analytics allow you to focus on important professional issues such as:

  • The Number Of Website Visits – Websites should be the hub of any marketing strategy – regardless the size of the business. By viewing the number of website visits, the analytics can identify success rates of keyword strategies and particular CTAs.
  • The Percentage Of New Sessions – Out of all of the total visits on your site, how many of these visits were new or returning visitors? By viewing these percentages, businesses can identify if their site is offering enough appeal to keep returning customers or attract new visitors.
  • Channels – Google Analytics organizes all website traffic into eight different channels: Display, Social, Other Advertising, Paid Search, Email, Referral, Organic Search and Direct. These different groups make it possible to segment traffic sources and identify the patterns of behavior from each source.
  • The Bounce Rates – Bounce rates are reported as percentages, which are the percentages of single-page visits. These percentages allow one to know what visitors left their site after viewing a single page. Although there can be a wide range of reasons as to why a person left a site, businesses want these numbers to be low. However, a high bounce rate could be associated with poor presentation, usability issues, lack of informative content, or any other preventable reason one could think of.
  • Conversion Goals – Most businesses think conversions are equal to purchases, but this isn’t always the case. Whether it be providing video content, offering live chats, providing content downloads, creating contact forms or offering email subscriptions, they’re all fantastic initiatives that help you meet your conversion goals.

Understanding how analytics work is incredibly important when it comes to the success of your business. So if you happen to live in Brentwood, TN and you’re looking to supercharge your internet marketing tactics, feel free to contact us today so we can get you on the right path towards a bright future.

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