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3 Ways to Leverage Video Content on Your Site

We are a local web designer that Tennessee businesses trust. When your company needs quality website design, tools, or web services, turn to the experts at JBL Works. In this blog, we’ll help you decide whether or not video content is a good fit for your company. Specifically, we focus on these three topics (but keep in mind that we are always available to help answer your questions):

  • When you want to show or visualize complex ideas in a simpler format
  • When you want to add an interactive element to a presentation.
  • When you want to attract people on a time budget.

Video Content Helps You Visualize Complex Ideas

Some topics are just complicated. While it is always a good idea to provide text resources for your readers, a video can help explain complex ideas by showing rather than telling. Because not every person learns by reading, adding video content helps expand the size of your audience. A video also helps to build authority which can be a powerful part of the selling cycle.

Videos and Interactive Content

With new apps, you can add interactive content to videos. People can take quizzes, answer questions, and make choices based on questions that appear within the video. Technology makes it possible to insert click boxes that prompt viewers to participate. This is very helpful if you want to create a how-to video, employee training video, or a video that collects data about your viewers.
Interactive content is a powerful tool when you need to engage an audience. People need to pay attention because the video will ask them questions or quiz them.

When Your Audience Needs a Fast Answer

Short videos are just as powerful as full-length feature videos. Many people are looking for a quick answer or a demo on a product. Short videos help address the time issues or constraints that viewers have. They also open up the possibility of people sharing your content. So when your viewer needs a quick answer or demonstration, don’t disappoint by not having a video.
At JBL Works, we help businesses just like yours as a quality web designer Tennessee business trust. If you would like more information about how adding video to your website can help boost readership of your blog, articles, or to attract new visitors to your site, just call us. Phone (615) 794-2123. Our professional team will answer your questions and provide you with detailed solutions that help improve your web presence. You can also visit us online and explore our capabilities there.

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