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Utilizing Your Blog as a Lead Generation Tool: 5 Helpful Tips

Quality website design in Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin TN is available through JLB Works. In this blog, we discuss the powerful benefits of adding a blog and quality content to your website. JLB Works offers beautiful website design and tools that help local Nashville, Brentwood and Frankly TN business drive traffic to their sites. Specifically, we discuss how a blog can be used to:

  • Attract information seekers
  • Present a data exchange opportunity (email signup, etc.)
  • Address problems that consumers have and potentially offer a solution.
  • Inform and build trust
  • Show authority.

Attract Information Seekers

Blogs help businesses attract people who need information by using keywords and SEO tactics to place content. When someone searches for a keyword, a blog and its content help direct those internet searches to your website.

Present a Data Exchange Opportunity

A well-written blog with a good call-to-action(CTA) helps businesses gather contact information about visitors to the site. Many opportunities exist to trade information for email address such as a free download sent to an email address or the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter.

Address Problems That Consumers Have

A blog is a great place to answer questions that are common or that require more detail. Blogs also provide businesses the opportunity to start the win-win selling strategy by addressing consumer problems, building trust, and moving the customer down the sales funnel.

Inform and Build Trust

Blogs have a primary job of informing their audience. Whatever the topic is, a blog offers deeper conversation, instructions, and provides detailed information that customers need. By showing depth in a blog, you gain the reputation of being an authority and that helps build trust among your readers and that can help your site increase sales.

Show authority

When you have a well-constructed blog that is a library of well-written content, you become the go-to source for information about the topic. That position has a lot of power for businesses. It means that there is more interaction with your site and blog and that your content is helping to expose more readers to opportunities to exchange information for contact information.
Blogs are powerful tools and the help businesses in many ways. Does your business have a blog? Is it helping to attract visitors to your site? Does it help to show you as an authority on a subject? These are all questions that every business owner should ask. One of the things that we do at JBL Works is to help businesses understand where their online opportunities are. Because every business is unique, we approach this as a customized solution that fits your business model. Reach out to us if you have questions or if you would like one of our professional to evaluate your blog and answer your questions.

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