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SEO Management and Oversight of Your Web Design

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SEO Management and Oversight
Site is live but now what, can anybody find it?  NO – Not unless they know you by name or you implement SEO tactics and stick with it.
JLB’s SEO Management provides for monthly oversight, communications and ongoing maintenance of your website and search engine strategy involved in your brand/business.  Our focus is to raise search engine rankings, lift your brand and create internet awareness and traffic.  Our success rate is fantastic and we provide a basic and advanced SEO service.
With successful SEO Management, you:

  • Convert search to revenue: Statistically proven to transform internet searchers, casual or focused lookers, into buyers, donators or supporters. If they find you, they will explore.
  • Better market reach: Increased awareness of your message and information.
  • Inspire loyalty and advocacy: Easy to find establishes a solid perception of relevance and authority in the marketplace.

Since SEO is constantly changing, we provide seamless expansion when new strategies and technologies emerge.  We integrate these new elements into our solution before the competition does, giving you maximum visibility over your customers and competitors.  For example: 
SEO management directly affects your rankings in the search engines.  If you want to be on the first page or two then it’s necessary to invest in SEO.  One new client will cover the costs.

“JLB wouldn’t promise the first page of google and but did promise a positive result.  Within 3 months we were on the first page.  It’s critical for us to be visible for our industry.  Amazing and thank you.”

 JLB utilizes thoughtful practices and processes learned over the years through mistakes and education.   We focus on processes that we utilize for our own business.  Organic and true.
Here’s how we work with you:

  1. Setup form and establish Monthly update schedule: Content targets, keyword objectives and schedules are created with an approved keyword strategy and approved liaison with client.
  1. Website Staging: JLB will setup your Website (all relevant areas) to be SEO optimized, properly coded and keyed throughout your web site with advanced SEO strategies.
  1. Social posting: SEO services do not manage the social media sites but will place posts from your website into your social platforms to help drive attention back to the website.
  1. Content Maintenance: If your business posts new content, we will properly identify this and optimize this content. In addition, JLB will proactively feature educational information that highlights your business onto your site so that we can apply optimization and links in the content to further drive your strategy.
  1. Pro-active Process: JLB will create reports of results and activity that can be viewed and analyzed. Based on analysis, JLB will identify strategies that may need altered to further improved SEO results and strategies.  Monthly we:
  • Review activities, learnings and any anomalies.
  • Provide any feedback and ideas for going forward.
  • Provide any analytic reports that may be relevant.
  • Identify outreach marketing or web strategies that may help.
  • Work hard to improve your search engine ranks and drive traffic to your site.

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