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Website Security Practices You Should Utilize

A look at common website security practices you should utilize for your site.
Although the internet can be a great place for business, it can also make your business a target for hacks and security breaches. Since many businesses don’t up their security until it’s too late, it’s important to get your website in order before it happens. Thankfully, we’re going to provide some information regarding website security and what you should do to prevent a security breach.

  • Make Sure Your Login Pages Are Encrypted – Make sure your site is encrypted for user authentication processes. If the session is encrypted after the login process, it’s almost like locking your front door and leaving the key in the door. This kind of access makes it easy for hacks to retrieve sensitive information from your site.
  • Make Sure Your Network Is Secured – Try to avoid connecting from networks that offer uncertain or unknown security characteristics. For example: A wireless access point from a coffee shop may not be the most secure place to access your network. So whenever you have to enter your site for administrative purposes or have to log into the server, it’s important to access this sensitive information from a secure network. Whether it be a proxy or a firewall, you’ll need every ounce of security available to keep a security breach far and away.
  • Don’t Share Your Login Information – Sharing your login information can become a serious problem – especially if the information falls into the wrong hands. This situation not only goes for you, but it also goes for anyone involved with your business who has login credentials. The more a business has their login information shared, the more likely the information can be compensated through a third party. In addition to this, having a security breach due to shared password information is much more difficult to track down through an audit.
  • Backup, Backup, Backup – When it comes to data system failures, you’ll have to pull from outside resources to avoid costly downtime. Utilizing the cloud and backup systems can help save time when it comes to getting your main network up and running again. These backup systems may seem like an expense you can do without, but avoiding them can lead to a huge mistake. In addition to installing backup systems, it’s important to regularly test them and update their network security settings to make sure you can rely on them at a moment’s notice.

So if you’re looking for security or SEO services in Nashville or Brentwood, feel free to contact us today so we can get you on the right path.

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