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SEO Practices That Put Your Business At The Top Of Search Ranks

A few SEO practices that put your business at the top of search ranks.
Businesses are always looking to rank higher in their searches, as more search traffic is a driver of business growth. However, SEO is always changing and nobody wants to be penalized when trying to improve their search ranks. Google constantly rolls out updates, which makes it much more difficult to focus on your targeted traffic. There’s still a few ways your business can climb the ranks and not get penalized in the event of a ranking system change, but there’s a few precautions to be followed beforehand to avoid any problems.

  • See Where You’re At In Current Search Ranks – Before it’s possible to improve your listings in search engines, it’s important to know where you stand in the sea of competitors. This information is incredibly important, even if your site happens to be completely new. Thankfully, there’s plenty of resources and tools online that can give you this information.
  • Track The Correct Metrics – Make sure you’re tracking the most important metrics on your site. Once these important metrics are discovered, you can understand the factors of your site that require improvement. Such important metrics that require assessment are organic traffic, organic traffic conversions, and commercial keywords/keyword ranking. By utilizing an SEO dashboard, you can easily track these important metrics your site needs to utilize in order to pull ahead of the competition.
  • Analyze & Diagnose Penalties – Now that search rankings are understood and tracking is set up for the most important metrics, you can finally examine your website to see if any penalties exist. For example: spam links used to help spread brand awareness, but today these links have negative effects on the legitimacy of the website/service at hand. In addition to this, Google is even willing to penalize a site if it happens to have bad links associated with it. So to avoid being penalized for bad links associated to your site, you’ll need to identify and destroy the links that could have a negative effect on your online reputation. Thankfully, there’s plenty of free tools that can comb through a webiste’s backlinks and help you through the process to eliminate the poor links.
  • Perform Keyword Research – To gain the attention of desired traffic, there’s certain keywords you’ll have to use in order to reel them in. Find out what keywords would pull in the traffic you’re looking for. Once you have these keywords put into place, you can begin advertising and creating content to cater to a desired audience.

So if you’re looking to implement the SEO strategies and looking for web design in Nashville, feel free to contact us today so we can get you on the right path.

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