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How and Why to Make Your Website More Secure

Have you checked the news lately? There’s a lot going on in the world, but there never seems to be a shortage of news stories about hackers and cybercrimes. It’s something that is on people’s radars now more than ever, and security on the internet has become a very big deal.
One of the first things a visitor looks for is usually some indicator of security. It’s so important that 85% of respondents in the United States say that they will leave a site if the browser indicated it’s not secure. Just think about the impact this could have on your bounce rate. 
Instead of taking chances, it time to take action to protect the security of every single visitor to your site. Here’s why it’s important and how to make it happen.

Google Always Has a Role

Enter Google. Late last year Google began flagging webpages and forms that lacked a Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL. SSL is basic technology that ensures all data passed between the server and browser stay protected. We’re talking about highly sensitive information like credit card numbers, password information and other sensitive bits.
Google, to protect its users, lets them know with blaring red lettering if a site doesn’t have an SSL feature. Stop and look at the statistic above. If Google warns them that your site isn’t secure, they’re going to leave and there’s a good chance you’ve lost their trust forever.
Google Chrome has been installed 2 billion times. There’s a really good chance that people are using Chrome to find your business. It makes sense to learn to play along with Google, especially when it comes to something as critically important as user security.

Finding the Solutions

For every problem, there’s a solution. In this case there’s a few.
Start by securing your sites with SSL. This is plain old-fashioned business sense. You need visitors who feel secure on your site, and Google needs you to be using security tools that tell them you’re trustworthy. Securing your sites with SSL takes care of all of this.
Keep in mind that there are different types of SSL certificates, and that depending on your needs, you may require more than one. Costs for these certificates vary, with some being free and others costing upwards of a few hundred dollars a month. There’s a good chance that what you’ll need will land somewhere in the middle, with many businesses paying $50 or a little more per month to keep themselves secure.
In addition to an SSL certificate, you can take these extra steps.

  • Consider using a password manager
  • Update plugins and apps to the most current version
  • Install a web application firewall
  • Make admin directories hard to spot with unexpected titles
  • Use a content delivery network
  • Switch to HTTPS

When it comes down to it, there are few things more important for your site, your customers and your business than security. It’s an area where many businesses think they’re doing enough when in fact they aren’t. If you have questions about making your website more secure, we’re here to help. Contact JLB Works, experienced web designers serving Nashville, and let’s talk.

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