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Is Facebook Live Right for Your Business?

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Maybe you’ve heard all the buzz about how video is the sweet spot in digital marketing right now. Video is great, but how you do video matters too. Platforms like Facebook Live, which offers live streaming capabilities to its users, are showing us that there’s more potential with video than we previously imagined.
Facebook Live video are watched 3X longer than videos that aren’t live. That’s 3Xs longer to engage your market and 3Xs the amount of time your brand spends in front of someone’s eyes. Not too shabby, but this only works if Facebook Live is a good fit for your brand, and some businesses just aren’t sure that it is.
If this is you, it’s time to toss aside the concerns. Facebook Live can be a huge asset to your digital marketing strategy, no matter your market or niche. It’s your tool for increasing engagement and building brand awareness.

Live Content Is Transparent

There’s so much content on social media. Even if they wanted to, it’s impossible for users to interact with all of it. You need content that instantly reaches out and screams “watch me!”. Live videos give you an advantage because they’re transparent, and right now, that’s something that audiences crave.
Transparency creates authenticity and trust. It gives your audience the impression that they’re seeing a side of your brand that you don’t usually show. Your brand suddenly feels more “real”, and that’s interesting, especially since they don’t know when this opportunity is going to present itself again.

Live Content Makes Your Followers Feel Special

Businesses that optimize Live content to provide their followers with something special see huge returns in the form of engagement. There’s unlimited potential for reaching out to your followers with Live content. Think along the lines of grand openings, product releases or sneak peaks, surprise contests or chances to win that only followers are the first to see as they go live.
Facebook Live can recreate the experience of the audience interacting with you in person, one on one, and this is something that’s often missing from digital relationships. This is important because offering stellar products and services isn’t enough anymore. Customers want an experience, and Live content is one of the best ways of providing them with it on a digital platform.

Live Content Is Responsive

Say you’ve spent some time and money developing great video content for Facebook. You’re excited to put it out there, but when you do, you’re not getting the engagement that you hoped for. The reason is audiences are conditioned to think that even if they engage, you might not respond, at least not immediately. So, maybe they’ll engage later or not at all.
Live video is completely different. You have the chance to interact in real time with your audience, and it’s an opportunity they’ll jump on right away if they want in on the action. It’s instant engagement.
If you’ve been thinking about optimizing Facebook Live for your business, we’re the internet marketing experts in Brentwood that can help. We’ll help you learn what Facebook Live is and why it’s a great choice for your individual business. Contact the social media experts at JLB Works to learn more today.

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