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WordPress Contact Forms Made Stupidly Simple

Every once in a blue moon, a WordPress plugin comes along that completely knocks my pants off (or socks, since we have a family-oriented office). The last time that happened, it was Ingenesis Limited’s Shopp commerce plugin.
My socks are completely off again, this time due to Rocketgenius’s Gravity Forms plugin. As you can guess based on the name, it’s a plugin centered around creating and processing forms within WordPress. It does so elegantly, intuitively and quickly… but with no shortage of features. Not only does Gravity Forms offer everything most other form plugins do (i.e. creation and processing of forms and databased submissions), but it also adds to the mix with features like:

  • Conditional logic for fields and entire forms
  • Multi-page forms
  • Advanced fields like pre-formatted URL’s and phone numbers, file uploads and even date pickers!
  • Dynamically populated fields (yeah!)
  • Entry limiting and scheduling
  • Post fields (my personal favorite)

Yes, a developer license may be a bit pricey at $199, but that includes unlimited usage of the plugin across unlimited sites, a year of free updates and support all kinds of add-ons like MailChimp and Freshbooks integration as well as extra user registration features. Regardless, I’m stating right now–and you can quote me–that Gravity Forms is the single most helpful, feature-rich and intuitive plugin available at the moment… at any price.
Do yourself a favor and swing by www.gravityforms.com and purchase a license. You will not be disappointed.

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