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JLB's got a new e-commerce solution in the house

Over the years, we’ve used various e-commerce solutions to meet our client’s needs.  From Cube Cart to Shopify to Zen Cart.  However, there’s never been a single one that we’ve felt really integrated well with the content management system we use or was incredibly versatile in the design department.  Fortunately, Team JLB decided to recently get a little adventurous by exploring yet another option, WordPress e-Commerce.
The WP e-Commerce plugin by Instinct Entertainment is a WordPress plugin which incorporates rather robust e-commerce software into your newly created or pre-existing WordPress installation.  It’s easy to install, easy to configure and pretty much a breeze to write templates for–assuming you’re comfortable with writing WordPress templates.  Perhaps the best part, WP e-Commerce adds all the immediate sales info you need directly to your WordPress dashboard and is controlled from your regular WordPress admin section.
Don’t get me wrong, WP e-Commerce has it’s few limitations, such as a limited set of pre-written payment gateways or the limited variations of free product layouts.  Nonetheless, the restrictions can be overcome with a little programming know-how.
In the masses of e-commerce solutions out there, I’d definitely rank WP e-Commerce among the top, especially of the free solutions.  It’s an easy solution that perfectly integrates with one of the top content management systems of today.

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