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6 Strategies For Higher Levels of Customer Engagement Online

No matter what industry you are in, your website is your main calling card online. However, you have more competition there than ever before. Most users are also in a hurry; mobile users make up well over 1 billion (and growing rapidly) of all web surfers worldwide.
With all of these factors, you must do all you can to keep visitor attention. Effective Nashville web design and digital marketing is key. The following are six strategies for enhancing the user experience on your website and maximizing engagement for your brand:
1. Think Bold and Minimalist
Resist the temptation to fill web pages with design elements, information and an overload of detail. Readers just don’t have the time or attention span. Be selective about what you include, and be sleek and streamlined in your style and design. When it comes to fonts, graphics, images and blocks of text, less is more. Be as concise and “punchy” as possible.
2. Tell Your Story
Few things are more engaging than a good story. How did your business get started? What is your ongoing story as a brand? How have people benefited from your products and services? Another method of storytelling is to create a character relevant to your brand and take him/her on a journey. Make sure the story you tell is timely and authentic. Successful storytelling is highly engaging, makes web pages “sticky” and keeps your brand in the minds of visitors.
3. Make it Interactive
The most engaging websites are inviting and interactive. They include compelling elements and additions that keep visitors coming back time and time again. A treasure hunt, game or interactive, ongoing storyline gives a much more dynamic experience than just static pages.
4. Provide Consistent Value
People are drawn to unique, buzzworthy and truly informative content. Recent industry news stories, insightful blog posts, well-produced videos, unforgettable photos and clever “memes” are just a few examples. Podcasts, ebooks and online courses can also provide value to your visitors.
5. Social Media Integration
Most Internet users are both mobile and on social media, so strive to make your content shareable. Social media symbols should be installed next to compelling content and at the top of each page. Encourage users to share your content with their social media contacts.
6. Responsive Web Design
In an age of mobile technology and more people surfing the web from their smartphones than ever before, your site MUST look good on a range of devices, screens and formats. Google polling has found that people are 67 percent more likely to buy products from sites that bring them an enjoyable viewing and shopping experience. Sites optimized for mobile devices also do better in terms of SEO.
Website engagement is essential to your business success online. Use these six tips to optimize your web presence for maximum viewer engagement. Contact JLB Works for help with professional Nashville, TN web design, digital marketing and much more. We also service the Franklin, TN and Brentwood, TN areas.

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