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3 Digital Marketing Elements You Shouldn't Ignore

The homepage of any website is the most important page. When analyzing the traffic statistics of almost any type of website available online today, the homepage typically gets more traffic than any other page. Your homepage is the first thing most visitors see and the beginning of their relationship with your company or brand. With a good homepage, your website is more likely to rank high on top search engines and help you reach your conversion goals. But what happens if your homepage is falling short of those important conversion goals? The problem may simply come down to the fact that you’ve ignored a few key digital marketing elements.

3 Digital Marketing Elements That Should Never Be Ignored

Customer Research

Sometimes a bit of homework can go a long way in the digital marketing arena. When you’ve done your homework properly and dug deep into your customer research, it shows on your homepage. Think of your homepage like you would a homework assignment given to you by your target audience. The more you work to appeal to their needs and create high-quality content that isn’t simply copied from another website, the more likely they are to stay. Otherwise, if you’ve tried to take a shortcut or two, chances are they’ll bounce and leave you with a lower score than you had anticipated.

Brief and Clear

Many people think that when it comes to creating copy, brief simply means short. And while it does imply to keep things tight and to the point, your homepage should be as long as necessary without getting any longer. Clarity may seem self-explanatory enough as well but the key here is to keep things brief, clearly explained and interesting enough to keep your target audience engaged. If your copy is brief but unclear, visitors will bounce. If it’s clear but way too long, they’ll lose interest as well. A careful balance of these two important elements is necessary to show visitors how they can benefit from your business.

Active Voice

While your CTA buttons may make perfect sense to you, you’d be surprised to see just how many web visitors are unsure of what they’re meant to do. In fact, recent studies have shown that while images are a great way to capture the interest of visitors, it isn’t always made clear that they are also a call to action. This means that simply including a colored button on your homepage won’t necessarily help people know where they’re going when they click on it. Instead of using “Click Here” on a CTA button, try using an active voice that describes what the actual action of clicking the button will do. For example, you could use “Get a Free Quote” or “Contact Us” to let your visitors know exactly where they’re going next.

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