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4 Tips for More Effective Forms

tips for effective form

One of the most important parts of any offer is the form that your prospects will fill in to provide their information for you. By assuring that your forms are built to be effective, you can increase your conversion rate and get your sales team more qualified prospects. A few essentials to keep in mind:

1. Match your form length to your goals.

Are you simply looking to increase your number of leads? Use a short, easy to use form. Are you looking for leads who are more highly qualified? A longer form will weed out people who are not seriously interested in your product.

2. Prefill what you can.

If people are coming to your landing page from an email list, have the form that they arrive out filled out with as many relevant details as you have. If your prospects don’t have to fill out their names, emails, phone numbers or street addresses, it removes a bit of friction and helps raise the chances that they will go to the end and hit submit.

3. Consider what information you want and why.

It can be nice to get general demographic information and data about a company’s size and revenue. This allows you to better craft your future marketing so that it better targets this prospect. However, some information may feel to private to hand to a company your prospect has not done business with. Craft forms that get you information you can use without putting off the prospect.

4. Make sure the giveaway is worthwhile.

This isn’t an issue with the form itself, but it increases the chances your prospect will follow through. Valuable giveaways like informative ebooks, detailed reports and even physical giveaways can make your prospects more interested in continuing and more likely to give you their information.
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