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Is Your SEO Stuck in the Past?


Your website may be beautiful, easy to navigate and a great reflection of your brand as a whole. However, if no one can find it, how effective will it be? One of the best ways to bring customers to your site is by utilizing SEO (search engine optimization) techniques.
A few years ago, when SEO first came to prominence, it was easy to “trick” the search engines. You could make your site appear useful and full of information by stuffing it with keywords—even keywords that didn’t have anything to do with your business. For instance, if you were trying to gain ranking for “search engine optimization in Franklin, TN,” you would jam in every imaginable phrasing of SEO and search engine optimization, likely paired with clunky local keywords. While this “worked” for the websites, it made for a miserable experience for web searchers.
That’s why Google, Bing, and Yahoo have introduced new search algorithms that penalize websites that stuff keywords onto pages. Today’s SEO must be smooth, seamless and provide something useful for visitors.
If you want the best result for your SEO campaign, you will likely want to work with an expert. JLB Works, for instance, can help you optimize your page to boost your prominence on Google—while still creating a great experience for your website visitors.
So, what does SEO look like today anyway? Consider these important points if you’re making changes to your site.

  • Visitor Response is Important – If you are getting lots of clicks, but visitors immediately leave, you’ll probably be penalized. Make sure you are not adding “false” keywords that draw in the wrong traffic.
  • Stuffing Isn’t Necessary – While you may have needed to add a keyword at least 3 or 4 times to get results in the past, that is no longer true. Use keywords naturally, and you’ll get better results.
  • Social Matters – Social shares and activity has a significant impact on how your site is ranked on the search engines. Think about creating content that will be liked, shared, and that will receive comments.
  • Optimize for Mobile – One of the best ways you can boost your site’s ranking on the search engine is by optimizing for mobile. After all, more people than ever are browsing from phones and tablets rather than computers.

If you have any further questions about SEO or web design in Nashville TN, reach out to us at JLB Works. We want to help you accomplish more with your website

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