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Here at JLB we encourage all of our clients to keep Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs fresh with new content. To keep our own blog up to date we have a little schedule to make sure our blogs are posted at different times during the month. The thing is, we aren’t so good at keeping up with that little schedule. Sometimes the person who is supposed to remind us of our blogging deadline, forgets.
I’m going to give you a little peak into the email chain about blogging that occurred recently…
(Names shortened to protect the not-so-innocent.)
I’ve fallen behind on the blog reminders. I’ve decided to blame this on M for whatever reason. Anyway… Help!
Can I count on three of you to post yours by end of week? This would be so cool of you.
M and Julian, can I count on yours by next Wednesday?
High five,

From Julian:
You can count on me. I’m all in!

From M:
Wow. Well, D, because you blamed me, I don’t feel like you can “count” on me. Also, you typed “count” three times in your e-mail. It made me want to go “postal.”

From D:
It’s cute that you decided to count the amount of “counts” I used in my email. This is a good sign that you’re paying attention in class. You might find this Youtube video right up your alley if you’re interested in some more advanced count theory.

From M:
Proper punctuation and capitalization are important things to consider when writing business related e-mails.
Please review the following URL and consider it a handy resource: http://www.grammarbook.com/punctuation/capital.asp

From Joe:
Corrected: “Proper punctuation and capitalization is an important thing to consider when writing…”

And it continued. As you can see, we might not be the best about remembering our blog posts, but we sure do have a fun time encouraging each other in the process! So, take this as a little nudge from your friends over at JLB to schedule time to post to your blog. It can be as important as your next business meeting.

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