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Using Social Media Influencers to Boost Your Impact


At some point, you’ll need to ask yourself how important your online presence is. SEO has come a long way. Now, it’s intertwined with Facebook and Twitter. It isn’t a hard concept to grasp, but it’s becoming increasingly complicated. Social media, at its core, encourages engagement and real-world conversations. Essentially, it’s a link between your small or medium-sized business and the digital forefront of today’s consumer culture.
Hopefully, that doesn’t sound too intimidating. Social media has its perks. Most of all, it’s a central hub for many industries. To get the most out of your search engine optimization in Franklin, TN, and to maximize your digital marketing impact, you’ll need to buddy up with your realm’s hottest impactors.

Where the Big Fish Swim

A recent eConsultancy survey reported that 39 percent of companies consider social media to be a vital SEO tool. It doesn’t necessarily need to impact search ranks, either. Popular industry icons, brand sponsors and local business owners have followers. They have likes. They have plenty of media circulating. This content—and networking—is invaluable to their SEO strategies.
Social media is a watering hole for industry experts, and you can “piggyback” upon them for SEO functionality. By sourcing links, referencing spotlights and even partnering with them, you can drastically increase your business’s online visibility.

It’s All About Conversation

Top social media influencers are powerful for their ability to create conversation. By adding peers to your industry network on Facebook, and by commenting on impactor posts, you can both be an accessible culture hub to your consumers and a news source for everyone else.
In 2016, much of small and medium-sized business PR is generated through social media networking. In fact, a great number of real-life meet-ups are facilitated through Facebook and Twitter’s real-time location services. Some businesses are using social media as a powerhouse visibility tool alone, creating brick-and-mortar interactions from online discussion hangouts.

Today’s News Source

Because industry leaders, celebs and business experts are highly social, they’re moving beyond the age-old hashtag visibility scheme. They’re creating their own news, hosting their own events and are becoming the digital world’s news sources. A Pew Research report found that 47 percent of Facebook users utilized the platform for news. Social media stacks up, and it’s becoming the centerfold for modern search engine optimization.
So, what can you do? You can make sure you’re well-connected with local business gurus, supportive leaders and industry experts. Create a social media group for your local business, and host media campaigns while tagging your practice’s brightest minds. Then, connect your social media strategy with your SEO content. If you can, bring social media users to your end of town. Create a digital initiative, and host live events centric to the influencer’s culture.
Search engine optimization and internet marketing isn’t only for the big guys. Today’s small businesses are using social media to bolster their visibility, and they’re doing so by knowing who to talk to. Consumers, at the end of the day, want much more than a product. They want a lifestyle. Eventually, you should feel comfortable in answering a question: Can you give it to them?

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