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Why SEO and PPC Are the Perfect Marketing Combo

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No matter what type of business you’re in, knowing how to cultivate relationships with customers through digital marketing is a skill that’s become a necessity. Not only is this a skill set that brings customers directly to your door, but also builds a reputation and trust in your brand. For new and small businesses that are looking for serious growth, this needs to happen sooner rather than later.
There are different digital marketing tactics that a business can use, but with over 10 billion searches being done on Google every month, appealing to search engines and the customers using them is priority one.
This is where many SMBs reach a fork in the road, with two signs reading SEO and PPC.
Instead of standing there, scratching your head as you try to figure out which is the best direction to take your digital marketing efforts, let’s talk about how you can blaze your own path by learning how to use them together.

The Coin Toss of PPC Vs SEO

There are plenty of businesses that approach the question of PPC or SEO by pitching one against the other. They’re both equally viable strategies for growth but have their own advantages and disadvantages depending upon your needs and goals.
For example, pay per click marketing almost always produces faster results because it’s designed to target your audience that’s further along in the consumer journey. These are the customers that have most likely moved past the curious, thinking stage and are ready to start looking at real options. The downside to this is that PPC comes with a price tag, and if it’s your only strategy, it can be quite hefty.
On the other hand, we have SEO. Search engine optimization encourages quality traffic to your site through organic search. Except for the time you invest, it’s also free. Since SEO is free and effective, why is there even a question about which is better? SEO tends to be slower moving when it comes to results, which can be a problem for small businesses looking for a revenue boost to get off the ground.
Are you beginning to see where businesses are often left unsure of the best road to take? Instead of taking a chance and betting it all on a coin toss, let’s look at how these two can work beautifully together.

The Perfect Pair

When you develop a strategy to optimize both SEO and PPC, they bounce off each other to amplify the benefits and neutralize any disadvantages. Here’s an example of how it all works.
Say a small business with a limited marketing budget has been leveraging only SEO, and while the results are there, they’re not exactly what they were hoping for. They think one of their issues is keyword usage, but they’re lacking the data to back this theory up.
By investing in a small PPC campaign, this company can use conversion data to determine which keywords perform for their unique business rather than relying on industry analytics. PPC is a great way of discovering what works and what falls flat. These insights can then be applied to SEO for improved results.
Likewise, SEO has a positive effect on PPC. The goal of any PPC campaign is to direct quality traffic to your website. Unfortunately, too many businesses aren’t sure how to nurture those leads into conversions. Because SEO is focused on user experience and satisfaction, it’s the helping hand you need in leading the visitor further into the customer journey.
SEO and PPC are a match made in paradise, but only if you really understand how they complement each other. We offer the SEO consulting services that can help you discover the answers and solutions. Connect with us at JLB today to learn more.

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