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Tips for Optimizing Medical Services Landing Pages

It really wasn’t that long ago that the best way to build a medical practice was through word of mouth. The idea was that if you provided exceptional care to your patients, they would, in turn, share their experience and positive impressions of your office with their friends. Easy enough, right?
Welcome to 2018, where consumer expectations have changed the way people seek medical services, and thus how medical industry businesses need to think about digital marketing.
Today, there is an entire consumer journey that a potential client passes through before they reach your office, and one of the most important stops that they’ll make along the way is your landing page. Your medical landing pages can be high performing tools of conversions, but only if they’re optimized for doing their job. Let’s discover what makes a successful landing page that generates real conversions for your medical practice.

The Role of Landing Pages for Medical Websites

Landing pages are one of the hardest working components of your medical website’s design. You can invest in a PPC campaign that lands potential patients on your website, but what are going to do with them once they arrive? It’s the job of a landing page to capture their attention, retain their interest, and convince them to take one step further into the conversion process.
That’s a hefty workload for one page with limited elements. But, when optimized, landing pages are a marketing tool that gives you a major competitive advantage by turning visitors into high-quality leads.

Initiating a Conversation with Calls to Action

A simple design is usually the best design when it comes to landing pages. This isn’t the place to overwhelm the visitor with choices and information. Instead, the focus is on conveying the value of your service and convincing them that taking action now is the best move they can make for their health.
You don’t want to get too heavy with content on landing pages, so you need an element that packs major power with minimal effort. In other words, you need an optimized call to action.
Call to actions (CTA) are those features on your landing page that a visitor clicks on to take an action. They’re usually in the form of a clickable box, with a short, clear message. There are a few ways that you can amp up the power of a medical CTA, and they’re all pretty simple.

  • Keep it simple and concise. Encourage action in as few words as possible, but make it engaging. For example, “Get your free consultation now!” highlights the value and immediacy, where something like “Contact us”, doesn’t really tell them anything about the offer.
  • Stay above the fold. When people are looking for a new medical service provider, they have enough on their mind. They’ve ended up on your landing page because something about your PPC ad spoke to them. Make it easy for them to convert by keeping your CTA front and center above the fold.
  • Assume a mobile perspective. More of your clients are searching from mobile devices. The smaller screen size requires a different approach. For example, you have plenty of room on a desktop screen, but on mobile devices, the CTA should be visible within the first thumb scroll.

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When you’re ready to get more performance out of your landing pages, turn to an SEO company with experience and proven results. We’re here to help you optimize your landing pages with CTAs and other features that convert. Contact JLB today to learn more.

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