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Why Optimization Matters in Web Design

web design and optimization

Website optimization is another way of saying search engine optimized. What both of these terms mean is the quality of a website’s design to fit into its role on the web.

Web Design and Optimization

Web optimization is limited by the quality of a website’s design. A poor design means poor optimization. Both can lead to poor rankings in terms of SEO. Web design is more than just building a site that looks good. Each component of the site must function and be capable of fitting into the differing needs of internet users. For example, a modern website is not a single entity. It has multiple roles that it plays based on what device the user is using – Desktop or mobile device.
Optimization is a product of web design. Imagine having only one size of photographs on the site. How different is the look of that photo when viewed on a desktop or a smartphone? They would be very different. Yet, web design for Franklin and surrounding areas must offer more than just a single dimension site. Sites must be able to be usable by visitors on all types of devices.
Companies spend a lot for SEO services in Nashville. Yet, all of that money is wasted if the website for that business is not optimized. Images that load slowly, screens that do not resize, forms that do not expand, broken links, pages that are not accurate, widgets that display old data are all failures of web design. All of those things push visitors away.
What keeps site visitors happy and browsing is a site that is easy to use, with information that is easy to find, with links that work, pages that are filled with viable content, and data that is fresh. Those kinds of things are all the result of good web design.

Questions to Ask Yourself

The thing to remember is that technology changes. What worked well for a website last year may not work well this year. For that reason ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my site doing its job?
  • Are their visitor complaints?
  • Is my site friendly for visitors from all internet devices?
  • Is my web security up to date?
  • Do all of the links on my site work?
  • Is my site’s design organized or chaotic?
  • Does my website fit with my current marketing strategy?

These questions help to isolate issues with websites in Franklin and surrounding areas. If you are not sure what the answers are to these questions, consider talking with one of the professional web designers at JLB. We fully understand web design and how it impacts optimization.

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