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How Often Should I Update My Site’s SEO?

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For many businesses, there is this myth or perhaps it is a hope that SEO is just a line item that you can cross off your to-do list. In a micro snapshot in time, it is. You can cross it off ,go to lunch, and when you return, it is back on your list. SEO is a continuous process. So how often should you update your sites SEO? By the minute? Daily? Weekly? Never? The truth about SEO is that it is like breathing it is essential and ongoing.

What is SEO?

SEO in Franklin, TN and everywhere else for that matter is more than just content. There is a whole mechanical side to SEO that few businesses understand or successful focus. SEO is a partnership between a quality website, the content that is housed there, and all of the manual components that search engines use. These are links, code, captions for photographs, media, and a ton of other bits and pieces that all come together to create stellar content. So SEO is really a compilation of an entire process -site, site design, content, content creation, and manual features such as links.

Technology and SEO

As long as we are connected to the web in such numbers and by so many devices, SEO will continue to be essential. It is not just a computer search. Technology continues to add new dimensions to SEO — search engines, social media, links, emails, online newspapers, television, etc. It is all SEO and it gets more complicating as it evolves. Optimization of SEO is what we are talking about and the optimization process is constant, innovation in site design, interpretation of the rules, and a deep understanding of your market, customers, and products. So SEO optimization is not just about keywords. There is a whole mechanical piece of the puzzle too. In addition to creating and refreshing content, you need to check for broken links, test the HTML code and ensure that what you are putting out there is safe to drive on the road. Even the quality of your site and its design play a part in how well SEO works for you. How often do you need to refresh all of that? The truth is that SEO needs to be refreshed frequently.
Five years ago we talked about evergreen content but SEO is not just content. It is multidimensional. It is not just today, it is yesterday, tomorrow, next week, and five years from now and all at once. It is not just you. It is also your competitors. Let your SEO go stagnant and you lose out to your competition. What works today may not be enough to pull you to the front of the pack tomorrow. Your content sinks as SEO changes. Content has to change with it. Your site needs to adapt to the ways that SEO changes too. The kicker is that SEO will only continue to evolve.

You Might Have Noticed…

We’ve not answered the question, “how often do you need to update your sites SEO?” Beyond saying that it has to be often, there is no blanket answer. You see, much depends on your industry, your approach, and how and when search engines change how they search. So what does that mean for you if SEO is a continuous process? To answer that we look to marketing.
Marketing is partially the continual measurement of results from campaigns. So how is your marketing measuring up? With content creation, we are talking daily and multiple times per day to keep pace with really successful companies. Yet, many companies hardly post content at all. They are relying on what they learned about SEO last year, five years ago, or sometime in the past. With the physical side of SEO the refreshing rate can be a month or a year. Does your business need a new site every year? Maybe. It may also just need to be updated with new features. Smart SEO Sites scale to the next coming trend. When you can scale your site you outdistance your competition.
SEO evolves quickly. There needs to be a constant search for keywords and phrases. There needs to be a constant development of content that uses those keywords. Without that momentum, your rank position in the search engine results slides down the page. When that happens fewer people find your content and sales, leads, and prospects begin to drop. For most small- and medium-sized businesses. SEO needs to be refreshed daily. Weekly may buy you time, but as trends emerge and disappear, the window of opportunity that SEO takes advantage of also goes away.
The question to ask yourself is how often can I do the SEO dance and still get business done?

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