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85% of consumers use the Internet SEO to find a local business

Unfortunately, it is often some of the most uniformed, uneducated and downright unscrupulous companies that come up first in a generic internet search.  That is because these companies can simply buy their way to the top by purchasing SEO services with little regard to actually earning a good reputation.   At JLB, we believe that good organic SEO strategies outweigh this practice every time and will give you small business the lift and presence it needs.
There are few facts that really matter:
– If you feel like you do well enough without a good internet presence that is because you haven’t talked to the people that decided not to visit your business.
– No web site is better than a bad website.   A bad impression whether you have great referrals will always turn away potential new business.
– SEO is a monthly commitment.   Remember, your competition is doing it.
– Social media does NOT replace a good website and web marketing plan.   Your brand and business cannot do without it.
– Cheap solutions are cheap for a reason.
– You can get the online branding, design and services of a large marketing firm with the budget of a small/mid size business.  Just ask JLB.

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