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Different Approaches to Content Planning

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Planning your content in advance is key to having enough material for your business whether it’s social media, blogs, or anything else. It can also help you overcome a variety of challenges like ensuring that your content is relevant, keeping on schedule, and optimizing engagement. That’s why we’ve put together a list of different approaches you can take to content planning

Different approaches to content planning include:

  1. Weekly or Monthly Themes
  2. Develop Topic Clusters
  3. Map a Customer Journey & Find Gaps
  4. Use a Content Calendar

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Weekly or Monthly Themes

If you’re having trouble developing topics, establishing weekly or monthly themes will help you narrow down what you’d like to focus on. These themes can vary greatly depending on your specific business and industry as well as your company’s unique goals, customers, and sales objectives. During this process, you can also look through content you’ve previously published such as social media posts or blogs and find what’s missing. This will also help you find what customers are reacting to best.

Develop Topic Clusters

Topic clusters will also help you narrow down your focus and cover any relevant subtopics. For example if you’re developing topics for blogs your team would like to publish next month, you can have a brainstorming session. During this time, you can research any relevant industry trends or research topics around keywords that you’d like to rank for. From there, you can build a list and establish priorities for what you’d like to cover.

Map a Customer Journey & Find Gaps

A customer journey map is a visual representation of a customer’s experience with your company. By creating one, you’ll be able to understand their pain points, the buying process, and the actions they’re taking. Some gaps that you’ll find during this process may include needing clearer call to actions, additional service pages, or blogs covering missing topics. From there, you can start planning out the content you’d like to create in order to cover what’s been missing and make the experience easier for potential customers.

Use a Content Calendar

Another great way to plan out your content is by creating a content calendar. This is especially useful if you handle your marketing efforts in-house and want to make sure you’re creating and publishing enough content each month. You can start off by establishing your goals and create an outline using a program like Google Sheets. Your template can include things like the publishing date, the name of the person posting it, the topic, and a link to the content. This will help you define when to publish new or evergreen content as well as which channels it should be posted to.

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