Why Having a Great Digital Marketing Partner Matters
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Why Having a Great Digital Marketing Partner Matters

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Dealing with the day to day minutiae of business does not leave you much time to focus on your look. You may skim over the websites of your competitors and wonder how they were able to achieve such a professional front – you know for a fact they are no bigger than you are!
The difference is outsourcing. Your main job as a manager and an owner is to properly delegate responsibilities that are not your primary revenue driver, chief among them your web design and digital marketing. Although you should have a strategy for both, dealing with the technical details of implementing that strategy is a full time job. When you outsource the technical aspects of your look, you automatically improve your quality with no extra in house manpower required.
The secret is finding a great web design partner for small business. Here are some of the things you should look for.

A Distinguished Resume

Talk is cheap when it comes to web design. As you are vetting your choices, ask for a look at what they have done. Anyone can make promises, but only the real designers deliver a great looking, functional website. Use the actual work as the resume rather than the promises that you may hear. The same goes for digital marketing as well – you can see a company’s ranking in Google by typing it in yourself, and it only takes a few seconds. Check everything that a digital marketing company tells you.


Having the best looking website in the world is no good if no one ever sees it. MarketWatch, a distinguished marketing watchdog company, has found in studies that if your site does not show up within the first three pages of Google results for your chosen keywords, then you may as well not be on the Internet. Your web design company must be able to optimize your website for the major search engines alongside making it look great.

A Full Suite of Digital Marketing Services

There is no reason to go to one company for web design and another for digital marketing. As a matter of fact, this can be counterproductive because the design of the website should be optimized as the look is finalized. You should only consider companies with the ability to do both the physical web design and the optimization of that web design, because either service is much less effective without the other.

The Best Customer Service for Business Websites

A truly effective digital marketing and website design company will be able to walk you through the process from start to finish. Vet your chosen companies over the phone and ask questions. Check their responses, because no company will treat you better after the sales process than it does during the sales process.
For trusted digital marketing services that will bring a natural flair to your brand, call on JLB Works, a web design and digital marketing company for the future. We look forward to helping you create the look that will communicate excellence to your customers.  Offices located in Nashville TN, Franklin TN, Brentwood TN and Fort Lauderdale FL.

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