Why WordPress Makes Sense for your Next Website
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Why WordPress Makes Sense for your Next Website

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Just about everyone in business has realized that it is beneficial to have a website. Whether a company is a mom and pop store that has been open for 30 years without a web presence, or if it is a brand new enterprise, putting a website only adds to the exposure and adds to customer convenience.  There are many different companies that offer web hosting, but more and more people and businesses are turning to WordPress as their CMS platform of choice.

So, Why WordPress?

One important reason WordPress is so popular is the price. WordPress is free in its most basic form, and its most basic form is still very versatile, and also pretty intuitive for new users—whether they have much technical know-how or not.  For people who want some support and who prefer to have more assistance, WordPress offers pay services ranging from $100 a year and up, which also eliminates advertisements.  Compared to other platforms, no charge or a minimum charge is a great deal, especially for the quality WordPress offers.

WordPress is Easy to Use and Maintain

Another great option for WordPress is that there are dozens of free templates, and many of those templates can be manipulated further so that your website won’t look like anyone else’s; all at no charge.  A template makes a website unique; from its look to its links. With so many templates to choose from it is very unlikely your customers will run across a company that chose your same template so you can remain individualistic. WordPress also offers templates that work well for mobile devices which is huge since for many consumers mobile is their computer of choice.

WordPress Offers Endless Customizability

When building a website, there are thousands of free plugins available that make the website work more efficiently.  When building a website, you will want to be able to add links, add search bars, allow people to order online, or many other tasks—the things that allow this to happen are plugins.  Adding these functions and making them work correctly can be intimidating to a person who is not very expert at building a website.  WordPress users can easily add plugins to make their sites more functional and there is information all over the web with suggestions about what plugins to use and how to make them function the way you want.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

With WordPress, there are built-in SEO options.  This means that when you add pages you will be able to include tags that will be used when people do searches.  By making content that is rich in keywords, people will find you thanks to how WordPress is constructed, as long as they search for the words you have tagged when creating a post or a page.

One of the great things about using a web platform that is as popular as WordPress is that you can do a Google search if you stumble upon a problem when building your website.  With millions of people using this platform to create their website, the odds are that someone else has had the same or a similar problem and has written about it online.  For most users, the more they start to build their website, the more they learn why WordPress has become one of the most popular website CMS platforms to date.

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