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Top 10 Reasons to Make Your Website Responsive

The internet is littered with statistics about the benefits of mobile responsive design for your business website.  After sifting through dozens of articles and blogs on the subject, we’ve decided to save you the time it took us to read them all and compile a list of the most compelling reasons to make the change for your business.
1.  Website traffic from mobile devices is at record high levels.
2.  Mobile users won’t stick around if your site is not responsive.
3.  Mobile responsive sites increase sales.
4.  Mobile usage is predicted to overtake desktop usage in 2014.
5.  Google refers to responsive web design as an “industry best practice.”
6.  Responsive design builds trust and shows customers that your business cares.
7.  Customers buy more from businesses that care about them.
8.  A responsive website is easier to manage than a separate mobile site.
9.  Responsive sites are more likely to show up in mobile queries.
10. A responsive website makes managing your SEO strategy easier.

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