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Ruby on Rails functionality within WordPress using Wordless

In general, I absolutely love PHP. It’s flexible, can be object-oriented, and is generally easy to learn. Even more, I love that it opens up the world of WordPress. However, I often get frustrated when I see new technologies like Haml and Sass popup that simply don’t integrate well with PHP.
Recently, a friend brought the new Wordless plugin to my attention. It’s a typical WordPress plugin that, using Ruby, enhances your toolset for creating themes by integrating some of those aforementioned technologies (Haml, Sass, Compass and ), restructuring the theme’s organization, and adding some great new helper functions.


(taken from the Wordless’ Github)


(taken from the Wordless’ Github)

  • WordPress .htaccess file present
  • Ruby (any version, full RVM support)
  • Compass and Sprockets gems installed

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