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Five Reasons You Need a Content Management System

So, you’ve decided to create a new web site for yourself or your company. You have lots of decisions to make about design, navigation, page layout and content. But, what about after you launch that site? How are you going to update the content? How are you going to keep it looking fresh so that people keep coming back?

You have two options when building a web site: update manually, or with a content management system (CMS). Drupal, WordPress and Textpattern are a few content managment systems you may have heard of. We created Swift, a CMS here at JLB that we think is top notch!

Why would you want a CMS instead of manually updating your site? Glad you asked. Here are five good reasons to ask your web developer to add a CMS to your site:

1. Update your site anytime: With a CMS you can update your web site any time you please. You don’t have to call or email your web developer and wait around for them to change the breaking news that you want to feature on the home page. You can do it right now, at midnight, in your pajamas.

2. Save money: Yes, a CMS will cost a little more in the beginning to set up, but think of the money (and time) you will save. No more paying hourly rates for content updates.

3. It’s easier than you think: You have a gmail account. You upload pictures to your Facebook page. You can totally do this! It’s not rocket science. It’s more like sending an email to a friend and maybe adding an attachment.

4. Keep a consistent look: When a site is made up of a bunch of separate HTML pages, sometimes one gets missed when updating the design. Not with a CMS site. Your site will be built in a template so the design is consistent on every page. If you add a new page, it shows up exactly where you want it in the navigation every time! Consistency is key in getting your message across to you customer

5. DIY is so 2010! Come on…Take the plunge! You don’t want to be 2000-late!

If you’re looking for someone to bring your site into the next decade, we’re happy to help!

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